Magnolia Electric Co. supporting Grand Buffet Saturday August 20, 2005 31st Street Pub Pittsburgh, PA

w/ UME, Developer

The Dark Don't Hide It/What Comes After The Blues/Lonesome Valley/Farewell Transmission/Montgomery Bound/I've Been Riding With The Ghost/No Moon On The Water/Thirteen Days/Hammer Down/Runnin' With The Devil

Crowded show at the Pub. Hometown boyz Grand Buffet were headlining tonight. These guys are two white comic rappers who you would think have nothing in common with Magnolia Electric Co. but you would be mistaken my friend. Turns out that the bands share a manager or booking agent and Jason Molina actually hand-picked them to support them on their tour. He and the other guys in the band are actually fans and that was evident from their rapt attention during Grand Buffet's set. They were actually entertaining for a bit but unfortunately I was getting buzzed (Ben is THE MAN!) and tired and bailed.

Local band Developer started the evening with a concise, energetic set that had them rolling around on the ground, kicking their shit off the stage for the finale. Cool!

Frontman Corey Layman gave me the bands Seasons Tics EP and signed it also. I promised to review it for him and definitely will give him a shout-out soon. Thanks, Man!

UME setlist

Next up was UME. The joint was getting a wee crowded by then so I hung in back during their set. Jason Molina was next to me playing one of those coin trivia games and we hung and played erotic trivia (that's the only subject offered, really). We wanted to play music trivia but were answering questions about sperm counts and dildos instead. Really nice guy. 

MECO then came on and tore through an hour long set. These guys are a killer live band. They make it all look so easy.

For the last song, Van Halen's 'Runnin' With The Devil', Grand Buffet joined the boys who were obviously having a blast.

Magnolia Electric Co. autographed Jason Groth handwritten setlist

Jason Molina autographed Hard To Love A Man EP cover

Jason Molina autographed show flyer

The Magnolia Electric Co. Thursday October 14, 2004 Garfield Artworks Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Last Night On Earth, The Emily Rodgers Band

Dark Don't Hide It/Leave The City/Just Be Simple/Still The Same/The Nashville Moon/Don't Fade On Me>I've Been Riding With The Ghost/What Comes After The Blues/Hammer Down>Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

A second visit to "Daddy's basement" in a week. I wasn't too familiar with Jason Molina's work (thanks Justin with the setlist), but the stuff I have heard was good, mellow but good. Tonight was anything but mellow. They were crankin' out some heavy guitar work. A decent crowd of about sixty turned out. A very enjoyable show. Jason and the rest of the guys in the band were super cool and down to earth.

Magnolia Electric Co. autographed Trials And Errors CD booklet

This live disc pretty much represents the sound of the current line-up.

Jason "Magnolia" autographed Songs:Ohia The Magnolia Electric Co. CD cover

Jason Molina sketched Ghost Tropic CD cover

I asked Jason which disc I should buy and he chose Ghost Tropic. 

Someone just told us that Bush was ahead in the polls.


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