Neko Case Thursday July 19, 2007 Byham Theater Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Eric Bachmann

Things That Scare Me/That Teenage Feeling/Set Out Running/Margaret Vs. Pauline/The Tigers Have Spoken/Hex/Maybe Sparrow/Dirty Knife/Favorite/Furnace Room Lullaby/If You Knew/Star Witness/Buckets Of Rain/Deep Red Bells/I Wish I Was The Moon/Hold On, Hold On

Encore: Knock Loud/Look For Me (I'll Be Around)/In California/John Saw That Number

I don't think I have ever looked forward to a single concert more that this one. I got on the Neko bandwagon late. It wasn't until the release of The Tigers Have Spoken in 2004 that I discovered her amazing voice and it didn't take me long to get her entire catalogue. She has quickly become one of my favorite artists and I was thrilled a show was announced in Pittsburgh, at the stately Byham Theater no less!

Opener Eric Bachmann was good, although I can't be the best judge since I spent the majority of his set in the lobby swiggin' beers.

Neko and her tight as hell band took the stage promptly at nine and tore through an amazing set for the next 90 minutes. The acoustics in the room were perfect, highlighting her and Kelly Hogan's stunning vocals. The crowd was way into it and the band must have felt the love and respect from the stage.

I scored third row seats and halfway through the show these two hippies left their front row seats never to return. I took a much needed bathroom break right at the end of the main set and snagged one of the front row seats and enjoyed the encore there. Admittedly, I am still learning the functions of my camera but I must say, I took some killer pictures.


Neko Case handwritten setlist


Neko Case autographed Fox Confessor Brings The Flood, Live From Austin TX, and Blacklisted CD covers


Neko Case autographed print

Neko Case & Band and  Eric Bachmann autographed flyer

Review from The Pittsburgh Tribune Review

July 24, 2007

Neko Case

Most of my favorite singers aren't technically very good singers at all -- people like Johnny Cash, Nick Cave and Tom Waits with voices of subtle depth, grit and character.

Then there's Neko Case, with a voice of such staggering, room-filling power, that it makes me think subtlety is overrated. She hit the Byham Theater on Thursday night like a summer storm rolling in over the prairie, with a set full of lightning, creepy shadows and panicked livestock. It's a formula all her own -- take Patsy Cline's immortal country-noir standard "Walking After Midnight," and add more darkness.

She looks like a Nashville star -- a small-boned beauty with a fiery mane of red hair, and she certainly has the voice. But her music is so idiosyncratic, and her songs so dark and strange -- particularly off 2002's stunning "Blacklisted" -- that it's impossible to imagine Case ever making a dent in Nashville.

Bringing a little levity to her "Halloween-y" songs, Case's stage presence is almost comically down-to-earth. In between murder ballads and lovelorn laments, she and her band treated the nearly sold-out crowd to surreal reminisces about junior-high makeout sessions with a guy named "Ronnie," shout-outs to Mr. Rogers -- and Daniel Striped Tiger -- and wonderment at the very fertile-looking naked ladies on the ceiling of the Byham.

Show of the year, so far.

-- Michael Machosky


This might go down as one of my favorite shows...EVER!


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