Will Oldham Sunday February 13, 2000 Millvale Industrial Theater Pittsburgh, PA.

Ode #1/Song Of All/Madeleine-Mary/One With The Birds/Blue Boy/Little Boy Blue/
Sweeter Than Anything/Same Love That Made Me Laugh/Dream Of The Sea/
No More Workhorse Blues/A Minor Place/I See A Darkness/Death To Everyone/
Arise, Therefore/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Thunder Road/The Risen Lord/Ode # 4a/The Mountain/Rider/Raining In Darling

This show was at the Millvale Industrial Theater. What a shithole. It was a big room with a stage and some ratty, nasty couches dotted around. I didn't want to contract ring worm so I stood the whole show. That place got very crowded and the audience was surprisingly respectful to Oldham's ode's to "quiet pain and death". I think they closed the place for health reasons. I count myself very lucky that I walked out of the place without getting Hepatitis.

Will Oldham autographed cover for Palace Music's Viva Last Blues CD.

Detail of Will Oldham autographed insert to Palace Music's Lost Blues And Other Songs CD.



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