Reigning Sound supporting The Detroit Cobras Sunday October 9, 2005 Mr. Small's Funhouse Pittsburgh, PA

w/ The Radio Beats

Stormy Weather/Straight Shooter/You Got Me Hummin'/Static Party/Time Bomb High School/West Texas Style/What Could I Do?/Brown Paper Sack/Get The Message/I'm Holding On/Wait And See/Carol/We Repel Each Other/Reptile Style/If You Can't Give Me Everything

After seeing Ryan Adams & The Cardinals at Mr. Small's in the spring, I vowed to never set foot in the place again. I have been tempted. Passing on Ben Lee, The Walkmen, and Modey Lemon, well, I guess not THAT tempted, I wasn't about to miss Reigning Sound. This band is total balls out rock and roll. Leader Greg Cartwright's sound harkens back to the classic garage bands of the sixties with a more melodic, updated feel.

Before the show I was getting nervous. Would security be dicks? Would it be stifling hot and crowded? Would I have to endure running into Liz Berlin? I am glad to announce that none of those fears materialized and I had one hell of a time.

A last minute addition to the bill was local group The Radio Beats. They chomped donkey. 'Nuff said.

Reigning Sound came out and with no frills, bells, or whistles, and fucking blistered through a raucous set to the delight of the small but very enthusiastic crowd. No frills? The only thing on stage was a bottle of water. After the first song people (myself included) were yelling out tunes and I swear within seconds the band would launch into the song. It was such a blast. Greg was still breaking in The Tough And Lovely's Carol Schumacher on bass and some requests weren't played (among them 'Excederine Headache #265', damn). Still though, what a set.

Me, Carol and drummer Lance Wille recreating his Home For Orphans photo.

Greg Cartwright returned to fulfill lead guitar duties for The Detroit Cobras. I wasn't familiar with them at all. My only exposure to them was seeing a couple "scary" pictures of Rachel Nagy and Mary Ramirez. These broads looked like they would party with you, fuck you, then cut you with a straight razor for kicks. The band turned out to be kick-ass surprise. Fun, loose, rock and roll. There is something about a girl wailing on an electric guitar.

Wedding ring? That's not a wedding ring ladies. I actually told Mary that I thought she looked scary in her pictures and she was wondering why everyone says that? She turned out to be a total sweetie-pie.

The Detroit Cobras autographed Rachel Nagy hand-written setlist

Greg Cartwright autographed Live At Goner's CD cover. I snagged the second to the last copy.

Greg Cartwright autographed Home For Orphans CD

Reigning Sound and The Detroit Cobras autographed show flyer.

Greg Cartwright autographed print. I based the drawing on Robert Loerzel's photo.



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