The Twymans "meet and greet" Stynx

Styx Sunday June 20, 2004 Post Gazette Pavilion Burgettstown, PA

with Nelson, Asia, Night Ranger, Peter Frampton

What a weak show. It was so uninteresting that I'm not even bothering with setlists. They were giving tickets away. They were so desperate, they gave us "meet and greet" passes. Meet and greet my ass, they shuffled us in and took one picture with the band. They didn't even say hello to us let alone sign my Grand Illusions album (which I bought for buck). I did manage to snag Chuck Panozzo (looked how thrilled he is) and he scribbled an unidentifiable C-something on the LP. We didn't even stay for Styx's set.

Does that say Arsenio? Thanks for nothing, dickhead.


Nelson played first. Pure crapola. They at least came out and signed stuff for the fans. They were selling 8x10 glossies of them for $10 and people were buying them! What sheep.

Look at that line. FOR NELSON! The world is ending soon.

Asia was up next and they were awful. Geoff Downs was singing and it sounded like he swallowed a box of Brillo Pads.

Asia packs them in.

Night Ranger were next. As an added bonus Tommy Shaw joined in on a couple of tunes. Yawn. It was funny seeing people singing along enthusiastically to 'Sister Christian'.

"your mo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-torin'..."

Peter Frampton was next and although he wasn't bad, he has the gall to scam concert-goers into buying his set from the night by offering a rub off ticket to try to win. The guy at the booth said he hasn't had a winner yet. He let me take as many as I could.

Not a winner in the bunch.

The weird voice effect on 'Do You Feel Like I Do' scared my 3 year old.

All in all it wasn't a total wash out. The tix were free. The day was very beautiful. My daughter had fun. A security guard said it was the worst turnout for a show in his six years there.

Here's Tommy Shaw's recollection from the Stynx website.


"We just arrived here in Manhattan after a slow drive from Pittsburgh where we spent one of our most fun days of the tour yesterday on Father's Day. With so many friends on board at yesterday's concert, Todd and I got to be a part of the Nelson Brother's set when we joined them for a couple of verses and choruses of "Garden Party," their dad's hit from the latter part of his career. What a supreme treat to sing with Matthew and Gunnar. They are such tremendously talented writers, players, singers and performers, there is never a moment's doubt as to whether they will make you look good. We are so accustomed to seeing each other back stage these days we're like brothers who just hardly bother knocking before entering each other's dressing rooms any more."

"Soon Night Ranger was up and I suited up to join them on a charged up version of 'Comin' of Age' from Jack's and my Damn Yankees days. As I was taking off my Gold Top Les Paul when Jack invited me to stick around for 'Don't Tell Me You Love Me,' which made the previous song feel like a slow blues number. You know, it's Night Ranger we're talking here. After that, Jack gave me the look that meant, while you're here, why not stay for 'Sister Christian?' Anyone who knows me, knows that if I'm there already, you don't have to ask me twice to stay, so when it came time for the last song, 'Rock in America,' it took just a glance for me to stay put. Let me tell you, 20 minutes with Night Ranger is like 90 minutes with a fitness trainer. I was warmed up for the day after that. I love those guys and it's a real treat for me to be invited to join them."

"We never got a chance to invite Peter to join us, but he knows he has the open invitation to join us any time the spirit moves us."

"During our set, JY was kind enough to yield 'These Are The Times' for us to invite Jack Blades, Kelly Keagy, and Gunnar and Matthew to come out and join all of us for an acoustic version of 'High Enough' with everyone in STYX gathering downstage at the mic positions for the choruses, 'We Are The World' style. It was HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE with a capital HUUUUUUUUUUUUU."

"All this energy from our brother musician friends lit a fire under our band and even though it was our eighth show in nine days, we tore it up like we'd just returned from a Florida vacation. In fact it was BECAUSE of so many gigs in a row that we were so legged up. Its a funny phenomenon, because you get tired from the number of travel and gig days, but you are so beefed up performance-wise you play your best show on your last day of the run. Happens almost every time."

"Thanks again to our awesome crew who calmly kept up with our impromptu jams and to all our musician friends who made yesterday an unforgettable day for the Pittsburgh fans who showed up for the day and for all of us in STYX who will be talking about it for some time to come."


Wow! Whatever. I could dissect that piece by piece but that's just too easy.

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