Alejandro Escovedo Saturday March 31, 2007 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Robert Gomez

Baby's Got New Plans/Arizona>Everybody Loves Me/Dear Head On The Wall>Notes On Air/Rosalie/Slow Down/I Was Drunk/Castanets/Put You Down

Encore: I Wish I Was Your Mother

Alejandro Escovedo and Robert Gomez autographed ticket stub

I realized that Club Cafe would be packed for this show and as usual I arrived about 40 minutes before doors to snag my favorite seat. Well, people are getting wise and I was third in line. The one guy said it best, "I'd rather stand in line for an hour outside than stand for three hours inside". After talking to the two people in front of me, I quickly find out that they are expecting friends and want to gobble up all the front tables. Motherfucker! My fears are subsided when the first guy joins his friends a few spots back and the other guy let's me have my fav table in exchange for a couple chairs for his crew. Tragedy averted.

I wanted to see Robert Gomez solely based on the fact that the guy is contributing to the new South San Gabriel record. I ask him what his role in the recording was and he says he played bells on a track. Huh? You must be a wicked chimer dude. He then told me he arranged all the strings also, so that's cool. His set was mellow and...not bad. His record is way better.

Robert Gomez autographed Brand New Towns CD cover

Robert Gomez autographed print

My exposure to Alejandro's music was limited to the tribute album from a few years back. My boy Rob hooked me up with some stuff and while I really like his rocking songs, the ballads were ba-ba-BORING! To my utter chagrin the stage was set up with five chairs and out trots the band: two celloists, a, violin player, and two acoustic guitars. This has the earmarks of an extremely dull set. To my shock this shit sounded killer. They were smokin'. The audience was extremely respectful and quiet all night and for the encore, the band came off the stage to play sans mic. 

Check it out:




Alejandro Escovedo autographed Por Vida CD cover



Alejandro Escovedo autographed print


Alejandro Escovedo and Robert Gomez autographed flyer


For the record, he was an extremely nice guy.



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