Howe Gelb supporting Andrew Bird Tuesday October 2, 2007 Carnegie Music Hall Pittsburgh, PA

Shiver*/AAAA (Pts.1-4)*/Fields Of Green*/Moons Of Impulse#>World Stand Still#/Corridor Of Love/Paradise Here Abouts/Where The Wind Turns The Skin To Leather/Shrine>Like A Pearl/Get To Leave

*-solo, #-solo piano

I had no intention of going to this show. A $30 ticket price was absolutely out of the question just to see Howe Gelb for thirty minutes. It's not that I don't like Andrew Bird, it's just that I'm not a HUGE fan (as many people seem to be judging from the love he was getting tonight). Hanging after The Mountain Goats show I meet Dave, who just so happens had an extra ticket for the show. My man! Thanks buddy, I definitely owe you one!

First things first. The Carnegie Music Hall is absolutely THE coolest place to see a show. Built before the turn of last century, the acoustics, decor, and staff are the best in the city. Sweet, sweet venue. As a bonus, there was a not to be beat lighting set-up on either side of the stage due to the fact that they were filming Bird's set which greatly enhanced my pics. Bonus points were taken away because those same lights caused the place to feel like a fucking kiln after awhile.

Howe comes out to a dead silent crowd and meanders through a terrifically laid-back set. I wasn't at all familiar with any of his stuff but I was thoroughly diggin' his vibe. The dude is THE definition of 'cool swagger'.

He played a respectfully long set for an opener and I am so very glad I got to see him.

Out comes Andrew Turd, um...I mean Bird. Seriously, I do like his music but not 2 1/2 hours of it. He went on FOREVER...Everything started sounding the same after what, the second song? Jeez. The guy sure can whistle though, I'll give him that.

Howe Gelb autographed Confluence CD cover

Howe Gelb autographed print

I catch Howe and his bassist Thoger after the show and noticing he was slugging beers all night in the balcony, they were a tad buzzin'. Super nice man. He happily signed my stuff and spotted a piano behind us in the stairwell. He went over and just started jamming. My own private performance! Awesome. If I knew any of his stuff I would have thrown out a request or two but it was still way cool nonetheless.

Really, really chill kinda' guy. I don't know why I look like he's going murder me though?

Andrew Bird Wednesday June 7, 2006 Point State Park Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Lucee-Stars

Savoy/Fake Palindromes/Measuring Cups/A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left...

Free show at the Arts Fest. The word of the night was cha-cha-CHILL!!

Locals Lucee-Stars (formerly The New Fiction) warmed up the crowd with their competent pop.

Bird came out with a drummer in tow and quickly put this boy to sleep. His minimalist tunes were given an extreme sparse treatment and it just wasn't working for me. This crowd seemed particularly into it (supposedly there was a turned away crowd beating down the door to his last appearance here), but I certainly wasn't. I bailed thirty minutes into the set.

Andrew Bird autographed The Mysterious Production Of Eggs CD cover

Andrew Bird  autographed print

Andrew Bird autographed show flyer


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