The Avett Brothers Wednesday June 13, 2007 Stanwix Triangle Stage Three Rivers Art Festival Pittsburgh, PA

The Weight Of Lies/Signs/Please Pardon Yourself/Denouncing November Blue (Uneasy Writer)/Left On Laura, Left On Lisa>One Line Wonder/Colorshow/Shame/Backwards With Time

With Joe Kwon on cello: Go To Sleep/Living Of Love/She Was An Actress And A Dancer>Pretty Girl From Chile>Distraction # 74/Will You Return?/Can You Not See What You've Done?>Swept Away/Pretty Girl From Raleigh

Encore: Paranoia In B Flat Major/Talk On Indolence

I never saw this band before and was happy they were doing a free show in town for the Arts Fest. Nasty thunderstorms blew through and ended just in time for their set.

Man, are they getting a rabid following. I overheard some people drove from Oregon for the show? Goddamn, that's devotion! The place was packed for a soggy Wednesday night. I saw all different kinds of people in the crowd. Dirty boog-a-hog hippies. Old grannies slugging beers. Frat boys mackin' on the babes. Families with their little kids in tow. Real varied crowd. One guy said it all when he stated, "Bluegrass your ass!" That about sums up these guy's vibe.

After the show the guys were totally nice and approachable. They were kissing and hugging fans like they were long lost relatives. That's how you build a fucking fanbase folks.

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