Band Of Horses Monday August 6, 2007 Diesel Club Lounge Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Love As Laughter

Is There A Ghost/The Great Salt Lake/Weed Party/Our Swords/The First Song/Ode To LRC/Wicked Gil/The Funeral/Part One/Marry Song

Encore: Islands On The Coast/Cigarettes, Wedding Bands/Chained And Bound

FINALLY, a Band Of Horses date announced to support their first release Everything All The Time. It only took 16 months but who's counting? That's Pittsburgh for you folks. Extra points for being at Diesel which has killer sound, terrific lighting and ample room to enjoy the show. At least that's what I thought.

Opening band Love As Laughter came on and stumbled through an awkward set dealing with buzzing amps, lighting issues and a somewhat disinterested crowd. They were pretty good. Not buy their CD good but I've seen worse openers. I took the opportunity to take several practice shots getting to know the lighting layout in the room.

As BoH hit the stage I was weary of main man Ben Bridwell's recent blow-up onstage and was wondering if he was gonna go all Ryan Adams on the audience. Thankfully, he was super-duper nice and was giving all kinds of love to the crowd. Cool. Not so cool? A minute into the first song I get a tap on the shoulder and told by security that I can't take photos with my 'professional' camera. Come-the-fuck-on! Are you kidding me? Is this the new norm? Screaming, drunk girlfriends of frat boys can stick a cheap shitty point-and-shoot in a band's face all night and flash away but me being discreet with no flash is a problem? I'm going to sell them? Give me a break. This venue, like many in town, went from one of the coolest rooms in the city to the absolute bottom of the shithole for this totally imbecilic policy. In other words, if I don't stroke the local promoters (who ALL are major ego-tripping cock slobbers-Note: you Manny, you are still da' man!), and or venue owners, I am fucked. Glad I spent all this money on a new camera. Yippee!

Besides the fact that I had Joe 'nothing better to do' Security tailing me the rest of the night, the show was great. They sounded spot on and the new songs were exceptionally good. I wasn't going to do any artwork or flyers for the show thinking Ben would be disgusted or something but he and the rest of the band thought it was cool. In the shuffle I did lose my CD cover somewhere and I wasn't even drunk. I gotta refine my system of taking all this crap to a show.



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