Big Head Todd & The Monsters Monday January 29, 2007 WYEP-FM Studios Pittsburgh, PA


This early set (8:30 a.m.!!!) was supposed to be an acoustic performance. The band was traveling from Cleveland where they played a show the previous night. Todd's voice was gone so it was announced that it would be an interview only. About half of the 50 people who signed up to be in the audience left. Hell, I'm here anyway, why not?

The guys were really nice even though you could kinda' tell this was the last place on Earth they wanted to be so early on a Monday. It took them about a minute after the crowd thinned out to bail to their bus to go back to sleep.

I did get the guys to autograph the stubs from the first and final times I saw them:

BHTM autographed H.O.R.D.E.  '94 ticket stub

BHTM autographed '97 ticket stub

My pics turn out like shit in that room so the above two are from WYEP's site.


BHTM autographed print

BHTM autographed flyer




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