Art All Night 2016 Music Schedule

April 20, 2016

Art All Night 2016 takes place this weekend (4/23-24) in Lawrenceville at Arsenal Terminal and the 19th annual edition promises to be bigger and better. Billed as ‘no fees, no censorship, no juries’ this DIY exhibit is just that. Amongst the visual art, interactive art and family-friendly activities is the musical performances that run continuously from 4 pm Saturday to Noon Sunday.

This is a free event.

Check out the musical schedule below.

Music: “Coffee House” Stage (From 4pm – 11:30pm on Saturday) We’ll have 15 performers representing Pittsburgh‘s open mics, coffeehouses, clubs, and award-winning singer/songwriters

Time Performer(s)

  • Sat 4:00pm Brent Malin
  • Sat 4:30pm Dennis Malley
  • Sat 5:00pm Gerard Rohlf
  • Sat 5:30pm Meeting House Harmonizers
  • Sat 6:00pm Northern Vibe
  • Sat 6:30pm Chris Hannigan
  • Sat 7:00pm Brad Yoder
  • Sat 7:30pm Tracy Drach / Eve Goodman
  • Sat 8:00pm Ronni Weiss
  • Sat 8:30pm Jessica Saenz
  • Sat 9:00pm Emily Jo
  • Sat 9:30pm Donna O
  • Sat 10:00pm Marty Zundel
  • Sat 10:30pm Ben Valasek
  • Sat 11:00pm Jack McLaughlin


A colorful collection of dance bands and folk music ensembles from the Pittsburgh area

Time Group

  • Sat 4:00pm Balkan Babes
  • Sat 4:30pm Steel City Ukulele Club
  • Sat 5:00pm Devlish Merry
  • Sat 5:30pm Smokestack Lightning
  • Sat 6:00pm Dinosoul
  • Sat 6:30pm Rachel Whitcomb
  • Sat 7:00pm Alex Meleshenko
  • Sat 7:30pm Lackawanna Longnecks
  • Sat 8:00pm Alba Flamenca
  • Sat 8:30pm Amarillis
  • Sat 9:00pm Cajun Aces
  • Sat 9:30pm Haygood Paisleys
  • Sat 10:00pm Slagtones
  • Sat 10:30pm Lone Pine Boys
  • Sat 11:00pm Art All Night Old-Time Orchestra
  • Sat 11:30pm Parade! >11:30pm – Col. Eagleburger’s High Stepping Good Time Band >12:00am – Timbeleza
  • Sun 1:00am King Fez
  • Sun 1:30am Matt Jordan
  • Sun 2:00am – 9:00am -Open-
  • Sun 9:30am Lachlan Cobayo
  • Sun 10:00am Witch Baby
  • Sun 10:30am Pardon my French
  • Sun 11:00am Cindy Harris
  • Sun 11:30am Squeezhammer & Bow
  • Sun 12:00pm -Stage will be used for Art Auction-


Time Group

  • Sat 4:00pm Ephen Ager
  • Sat 4:30pm Hungry Ghosts
  • Sat 5:00pm Superstar
  • Sat 5:30pm Jovh Shin Williams
  • Sat 6:00pm The Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh Dance Troupe
  • Sat 6:30pm Steel Clover
  • Sat 7:00pm Portrait People
  • Sat 7:30pm Glo Phase
  • Sat 8:00pm Punch Drunk Tagalongs
  • Sat 8:30pm 1hood
  • Sat 9:00pm John Trumaine Show
  • Sat 9:30pm NBND
  • Sat 10:00pm Sea Rights
  • Sat 10:30pm Bridget DeJohn
  • Sat 11:00pm unfinished symphonies Parade!
  • Sat 11:30pm >11:30pm – Col. Eagleburger’s High Stepping Good Time Band >12:00am – Timbeleza
  • Sun 1:00am Journalism
  • Sun 1:30am Louie Petrone
  • Sun 2:00am Define Irony
  • Sun 2:30am Decaffinated Grapefruit
  • Sun 3:00am Block & Tackle
  • Sun 3:30am DENZELL