Between the Line-The Beatles Stuff

July 3, 2011

While there have been countless books published on arguably the greatest band in popular music, none is quite as unique as this one. Presenting artifacts and reproduced facsimiles surrounding the band’s mainly early history, the book gives collectors a different perspective of the group. Included in the material is a hand-written setlist from 1963, tour program covers, postcards, contracts and ticket stubs. There are also photos of other documents throughout the book, like Paul’s handwritten lyrics to ‘Sgt.

Pepper’, which could have been reproduced as well but surprisingly are not. In fact, my only quibble with the book is that there is almost nothing represented past the year 1966, save for an invitation to a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ party. There is also a brief history of the group with each album and song given a short description but that’s pretty much beside the point for a volume like this. I did enjoy this book but then again I am a sucker for music memorabilia. I am sure any Beatle nut will geek out to this but for the casual fan it might be perused through once and left on the shelf for awhile.