Between The Lines-Neutral Milk Hotel

December 13, 2010

I have read many of the titles in this series. They range from the o.k. to the unreadable. This particular one is very good. It explains in detail the short, fabled history of the band, the making of the landmark album, subsequent tours and eventual dissolution and mythic influence they had on a generation of musicians. Even if you are a casual fan as I am, you will come away with an appreciation for the band and Jeff Mangum in particular, which I haven’t seen explained anywhere else.

With a slow reemergence and almost hopefully inevitable comeback seeming to be taking place this winter, this book is more relevant now than ever before. When I was lucky enough to see Mangum play in 2008, I couldn’t understand the chaos that ended the Elephant 6 show I was at. After reading of their history here, it all made perfect sense.