First/Last-Adeline Hotel

March 30, 2015

“Adeline Hotel (Brooklyn, NY) released debut LP “Leave The Lights” in September 2014 on Future Oak Records. Recorded throughout 2013-14 with producer and engineer Danny Rose (Steady Sun, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Vamanos!) at his studio in Bushwick, the record features members of Steady Sun, as well as Magnolia Electric Co.’s Mike Brenner on lap steel. Distinguished by a knack for eliciting the stylings of seminal Americana songwriters, “Leave The Lights” marries this influence with the lo-fi traditions of contemporary players like Angel Olsen and Blake Mills.”

Adeline Hotel is the moniker for songwriter Daniel Knishkowy who recently relocated from Brooklyn to Pittsburgh. The folks over at the amazing Daytrotter released a set he did last week and he is beginning to play around town more and more so definitely go check him out. I want to thank Dan for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

  • The first album you ever bought?
  • I think “The Moon and Antarctica” at Cutler’s in New Haven (RIP).
  • Your last album bought?
  • I just bought a couple – Ryley Walker’s “Primrose Green”, Jessica Pratt’s “On Your Own Love Again”, Jake Xerxes Fussell’s self-titled and Mitski’s “Bury Me At Makeout Creek.”
  • Favorite album of all time?
  • “A Ghost is Born”, Wilco.
  • Least favorite/most disappointing album?
  • Love the album, but I get annoyed every single time at how quickly they fade the sax solo in “Walk On The Wild Side”. Let that shit play! Anyways…
  • First concert attended?
  • Not sure if it was the first, but my friend split his head open at a Taking Back Sunday concert when we were 13 so let’s go with that.
  • Last concert?
  • Zachary Cale at Rough Trade. Can’t wait for his new record.
  • Favorite concert ever?
  • Field Report in a barn in the middle-of-nowhere Iowa on one of those perfect early fall nights.
  • Least favorite concert?
  • Nothing comes to mind, but anytime I can tell the person I came with isn’t really into it.
  • Any thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?
  • Still new to town, but I’ve been finishing up the songs for the next record and recording an EP in the meantime over at Wilderness Studio with Jay Vega. It should be out later this year on Pittsburgh’s Future Oak Record Co.
  • Thanks, Dan. Great to hear you are planning on releasing new stuff and I must say you are working with the best people in town!