October 23, 2012

“Long considered one of the most entertaining, sweaty live shows in the Pacific Northwest by fans and concertgoers, a Sassparilla live show consists of dancing, sing-along numbers, and plenty of good times. Following 2012’s release of The Darndest Thing, with Magpie the band continues with an equally spellbinding recording, delivering a record that gives fans a collection of songs structured on the melodies and lyrics more so than the party groove and liveliness of their earlier recordings.”

Sassparilla releases it’s latest “Magpie” today on Fluff & Gravy Records. Mt thanks to frontman Kevin Blackwell (Vocals/Guitar) for participating in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

I bought my first album with my best friend and neighbor when we were in fourth grade. We split the cost and then shared custody. He’d get it one day, I’d get it the next. “Back in Black” by AC/DC. Man, I loved that record. My folks had the ultimate vinyl collection and I was allowed to plow those fields whenever I fancied. My Dad loves music. I grew up with all the classics, The Beatles, Mac, Cream, Blue Cheer, etc. I never really had to buy records until I was in college ‘cause my folks had everything I needed. Except AC/DC, which they hated.

Your last album bought?

We just played a festival with Shovels and Rope and we traded records. If I didn’t get a free copy, I would buy this one, “O Be Joyful”. Truly one of my favorite albums right now.

Favorite album of all time?

Everyone loves the deserted island question, don’t they? Man, my favorite record changes with my mood, the season, my activity. There are several records I couldn’t live without. I was talking to the producer of our last two records (Chet Lyster) about this over some whiskey last night. I think we both landed on “Exile on Main Street”. That record has everything, country, blues, soul. Everything. They were KIDS when they made that record. Showing the boys back in the states how to play their own music. The Stones OWNED it.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

I have a lot of things I’m not into, but I don’t really see the purpose of slamming someone else’s hard work or passion. I think there is merit to every effort, if not only for that artist.

First concert attended?

My first concerts were Jazz and Blues shows with my Dad in Chicago. My first concert as a teenager was Redd Kross at the Metro in Chicago. Bad ass. So bad ass.

Last concert?

The first concert I’ve gone to see since starting Sassparilla in five years was Jack White here in Portland. That man is a genius.

Favorite concert ever?

I would say that Jack White show takes the cake right now.

Least favorite concert?

The first Lollapalooza. Only because it was so frickin’ hot.

Any thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

Man, I love anything with grit. Pittsburgh in my mind rivals all other towns for grit. It’s the ultimate fuck all y’all town. Their beer, their football, the whole enchilada. It looks a lot like Portland too!

Thanks, Kevin. Really loving the new album. Hope to see you in Pittsburgh sometime soon.