First/Last-The We Shared Milk

October 6, 2012

“The We Shared Milk, originally Alaskan, have spent the last two years in Portland gigging constantly and self-producing a large volume of their psychedelic rock. Ranging from solid Lennon-influenced songs to driving psych jams, the shows are riff-filled and high energy. The We Shared Milk have recently finished their first full length album History of Voyager & Legend Tripping and are heading out across the country to promote its release. History of Voyager… is more of a project than a normal release, with each original TWSM song produced by a different Portland, Oregon band. It documents not only the current scene in Portland, but also a deconstruction of what can often be a cliquey and competitive atmosphere.”

The band plays GarfArt this upcoming Wednesday night on a bill with The Dig and The Dirty Feathers supporting their recently released, “History of Voyager & Legend Tripping“. My sincere thanks to frontman Boone Howard for taking a few minutes to participate in this edition of First/Last.

  • The first album you ever bought?
  • Probably some 60’s/70’s “Best of…” compilation tapes, which my folks had me listening to growing up. Or Jay-Z’s “Black Album”.
  • Your last album bought?
  • The Dirty Projectors, “Swing Lo Magellan”.
  • Favorite album of all time?
  • The Misfits, “Static Age”.
  • Least favorite/most disappointing album?
  • Smash Mouth, “Astro Lounge”.
  • First concert attended?
  • Anatomy of a Ghost at the Alaska State Fair.
  • Last concert?
  • The Dirty Projectors at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR.
  • Favorite concert ever?
  • Kool Keith at Harvest of Hope in ’09, in the rain, in a mud pit.
  • Least favorite concert?
  • One doesn’t stand out. Probably one of our own shows a few years ago.
  • Any thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?
  • In the van chasing Dog the Bounty Hunter’s bus through town and eating way too many wings at Sidelines in Millvale.

Thanks, Boone. I must say, your band name is unique amongst a plethora of unique indie band names. Would love to know the origin sometime.