HughShows Secret Santapalooza IV Lineup

October 30, 2019

I am thrilled to announce the return of HughShows Secret Santapalooza!
These are ‘office parties’ for the members of the Pittsburgh music community and you are invited as bands play quick 4-5 song sets incorporating cover songs of other Pittsburgh musicians into their own originals.

These shows have become legendary and after a few years off, I couldn’t be happier to have it return.

Sponsored by the Deutschtown Music Festival and Misra records, the event is totally free for the first time this year and we recommend you bring cash for the club’s full bar and to consider making a donation to assist me in continuing HughShows.

Without further ado, here is the super fun and badass lineup we have put together this year, consisting of my dear friends, old and new alike.

7:50-8 – Javerblöö
8-8:20 – Ladylike
8:25-8:45 – The Pump Fakes
8:50-9:10 – Drauve
9:15-9:35 – Lindsay Dragan Band
9:40-10:00 – INEZ
10:05-10:25 – The Real Sea
10:30-10:50 – The Chad Sipes Stereo
10:55-11:15 – Honey Prism
11:20-11:40 – Sierra Sellers
11:45-12:05 – Livefromthecity

This is a free show.
21 and over.
No smoking.

Bring cash for the bar and to consider a donation to HughShows.







Honey Prism










Lindsay Dragan








Sierra Sellers




The Chad Sipes Stereo




The Pump Fakes




The Real Sea