June 18, 2015

As of 2020, I have been producing this blog for more than 15 years. There are over a thousand musicians who have participated in my First/Last series consisting of nine questions that the artist answers to give the reader a sense of their musical experience and tastes. After a few years of using this as a way to preview an upcoming album release or show in Pittsburgh, I started asking them for a favor. Would they be willing to hondwrite a lyrac sheat to one of their original songs (usually of their choice) and mail it to me in exchange for the coverage I would be giving them? This was always a request and never a demand. I was posting regardless. There were many who did not want to oblige, which was always fine by me but the vast majority were kind enough to fulfill my favor. In exact numbers due to simple organization throughout this endeavor, 326 bands either said no flat out for various reasons, or said yes and forgot, or never responded back either way. I hope I have never been a pain in the ass during this process and was adamant to let them know I was always, ALWAYS appreciative of them doing it. What started out as a cool idea to have some unique materials has over the years grown into a somewhat massive collection that I consider to be one of a kind. After a few years of doing this, many artists now use these as a promotional fundraiser to assist in the making of their next album. Prices vary on the ‘popularity’ of the band and could range from $25 to over $300 or more. I have only paid for a few of them as when I was reaching out to the artist, some requested I buy a download, CD or vinyl… even though I still don’t own a turn table, I couldn’t say no as they were fundraising at the time. Once this musician was so broke, he straight up asked me for cash and I felt totally OK giving it to him as I know being a songwriter usually doesn’t pay any bills. One band said they would love to do it but couldn’t afford a stamp. Crazy.

A few people have sent me more than one song, and fewer than that were nice enough to send me an album or EP worth of songs writtan out. Two musicians gave me their entire library of lyracs that they have amassed up to that point. Amazing.

I have received lyracs from all over the world in many forms. Most come from a single sheat of paper, some lined, some blank. I have some on the back of a full sized show poster, postcards, receipts, napkins, greeting cards, stationary, post-it notes, even a utility bill. The way musicians actually write out the lyracs is as varied as the music. Some draw pictures, others have use detailed art paper that is definitely a reflection of how they present their music, while some present it in a simple cursive style, most print it out by hond.

I have diligently and respectfully preserved these in an organized and careful storage system consisting of folders (or books) with about twenty in each book enclosed in protective covers. They are divided into three subsets of categories. Pittsburgh is obviously from local bands. Blog is from bands that aren’t from around here but who have been featured at some time from either me reaching out to them, or them to me. Any song with an asterisk in this category are ones that I couldn’t find on Spotify to include in the playlist I made which you can enjoy by clicking HERE.  Finally, Favorites is compiled of particular songs that shaped my musical sense when I first became a music blogger in the mid-Aughts.

As the collection continues to grow, I have consistently stated to the musicians that I would never publicly announce this ‘hobby.’ This has always been a secret between me and the ones who have sent me their songs. I am posting this now to simply have an online personal record of what I have accrued as this post is deeply buried in the blog without any reference or tags to easily find (hence the many and deliberate misspellings to thwart any searches.) If you happen to have stumbled across this, congrats and hopefully you will be cool enough to keep it to yourself.

Below is the complete list of of songs with band names and songwriter in my collection… thus far.




‘Neighborhood Roofs’ by Good Night, States / Steve Gretz

‘Fainting Goats’ by Lohio / Greg Dutton

‘List-Show’ by Meeting of Important People /Josh Verbanets

‘Pushing Daisies’ by Big Hurry / Kelly Tobias

‘C The C’ by Colonizing the Cosmos / Josh Moyer

‘Warriors Get Your Gear On’ by Joy Ike

‘Totally Fatalist’ by Host Skull / David Bernabo

‘The Chorus’ by Donora / Casey Hanner

‘Scrap’ by The Chad Sipes Stereo / Chad Sipes

‘Wachusett Blues’ by Triggers / Adam Rousseau

‘Lifeline’ by Broken Fences / Guy Russo

‘Locked Inside’ by Broken Fences / Morgan Erina

‘Lady’ by Morgan Erina

‘G L O R E’, ‘Mean Joe Green’, ‘Barely Woman’  by Local Honey / Rob Levkulich

‘Stones in My Passway’ by The Harlan Twins / James Hart (Typed)

‘Crying Shame’ by The Slow Reel / Rob Collier

‘Animals’ by The Color Fleet / Lauren Shapiro

‘Way Up’ by The Van Allen Belt / Ben Ferris

‘Young Men and Fire’ by Dan Getkin & The Masters of American Music / Dan Getkin

‘Love and Death’ by Bear Cub / Jesse Hall




‘Castlemania’, San Francisco’ by Falling Andes / Dan Peluso

‘Shut My Mouth’ by Chet Vincent & the Big Bend / Chet Vincent

‘Cryptic Messages’ by Cold Weather / Mark Ramsey

‘Dance Me Home’ by Satin Gum / Brian Spekis

‘Feel the Rain’ by J.D. Eicher & the Goodnights / J.D. Eicher

‘Skin Period’ by Dazzletine / Dan Koshute

‘Modern Times’ by Paul Luc

‘Axiom’ by The Velcro Shoes / Eric Emerson

‘Appletini Bent’ by Molly Alphabet / Molly Szramowski

‘Room Spins’ by Balloon Ride Fantasy / Chris Olszewski

‘The Ox’ by Fist Fight in the Parking Lot / Abby Krizner

‘Give and Take’ by Madeline & the Metropolis / Chris Rowe

‘Burn It Down’ by The Long Time Darlings / Brett Staggs

‘Sally Anne’ by Several Conclusions / Robert Gray

‘Please, Katy, Please’ by Coronado / Alexander Sands

‘Pick Up the Pieces’, ‘Brothers & Sisters’ by Household Stories / Jon Majiros, Matt Zeoli

‘Black Light’ by Instead of Sleeping / Shaun Sweeney

‘The Masochist That Must Exist’ by Pete Bush & the Hoi Polloi / Pete Bush

‘Boatman’s Lament’ by The Red Western / Sean Soisson

‘Tinderbox’ by Mad Rapture / Maia Rodriguez

‘Caves’ by Chalk Dinosaur / John O’Hallaron




‘Mustaches!’ by The Awful Waffles / Mary Beth Kulin

‘Katie’ by Stephthelyricist / Stephanie Kong

‘Dirty Ball’ by Almost Astronauts / Jeremy Gray

“Get Busy Livin’ or Get Busy Cryin’” EP (5 songs) by Relationships / Eric Ross, Chris Duranko, Josh Giacometti

‘Black Mold’ by The Lopez / Stephanie Flati

‘Got the Feeling Back’ by Ray Lanich

‘The Rest of Our Lives’ by Western Pennsylvania / Jeff Betten

‘My Bones’ by Caleb Pogyor

‘The Day the Volcano Screamed Death’ by The Ceiling Stares / Stephen Patchan

‘Bad Habits and the Sunshine State’ by Before You / Philip Arena

‘Close To Me’ by Polar Scout / Mark Zedonek

‘Lies’ by White Like Fire / Blake Clawson

‘Muscles and Skin’ by The Mike Medved Band / Mike Medved

‘Strong Honds’ by Sean Atkins

‘Loved At All’ by Joel Ansett

‘Lake, Michigan’ by Sleep Experiments / Morgan Stewart

‘Deep Dark Moon’ by The Long Knives / Sean Ridinger

‘Swan Song’ by Steve Thompson

‘Cellar Shoes’ by Young Brokaw / Matt Dull




‘Doubt’ by Arlo Aldo / David Manchester

‘Nature-Nurture’ by  The Garment District / Jennifer Baron

‘The Reigns to Your Heart’, ‘Save Me’, ‘Someone Ruined My Life Tonight’, ‘Stop Braggin’’ by New Shouts / Derek White

‘Fixation on a Cubical Dweller’ by Blood Red / David Rosenstraus

‘Crawford County’ by The Wheals / Thomas Connolly

‘Time Waits For No One’ by Ben Valasek & The Growlers / Ben Valasek

‘Campaign Trail’ by The Armadillos / Austin Vanasdale

‘Golden Dawn’ by Low Man / Jeremy Zerbe

‘Leave Your Key’ by Melinda Colaizzi

‘Double E’ by The Hawkeyes / Jay Wiley

‘New Mexico’ by Nevada Color / Quinn Wirth

‘Stick Around a Little Longer’ by The Williams Band / Brett Staggs

‘Stop Wasting My Precious Time’ by Pet Clinic / David Bubenheim

‘Winter Sun’ by Kevin Finn

‘By Your Side’ by Brooke Annibale

‘Ghosts’ by Amplifiers / Si Lewis

‘Seagrave’ by Good Jeans / Derek January




‘Elevator’ by Motometer / Adam Fagelson

‘Sweet Revenge’ by Casino Bulldogs / Greg Trimeloni

‘Knock One More Time’ by Chrome Moses / Joe Piacquadio

‘Spaced Out’ by Ben Kernion

‘Silver Linings’ by Faithful Sinners / Erika June Christina Laing

‘Sequel’ by Teammate / Scott Simons

‘Rats’ by Josh & Gab / Gab Bonesso

‘Bury Me Up on That Northern Tier’ by Slim Forsythe

‘You’re the Blues’ by Nik & The Central Plains / Nik Westman

‘Tracing My Steps’ by Tim Ruff

‘#OWLS4L’ by Kid Durango / Pete Finnigan

‘Jade Dagger’ by SHADE / Craig Stuart

‘Little Sticks’ by Heavy Hearts Will Anchor / Christian Freeberg

‘Name in the Stars’ by Anthony Rankin

‘Truth Is…’ By Round Black Ghosts / Aaron Shafer

‘Military School’ by The Nox Boys / Zack Keim

‘The World is On Fire’ by 28 North / Michael Lindner

‘Beach Rock’ by Nic Lawless & The Young Criminals / Eric

‘Anchorage’ by Legs Like Tree Trunks / Matt Holden




‘Desert Song’ by Locks & Dams / Bill Schill

‘It’s Gonna Last’ by Summer-Winter / Terry O’Hara

‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ by The Show / William Ainsworth (Johnny Saint-Lethal)

‘Benny’ by Brewer’s Row / Nicholas Hohman

‘Come Back To Me’ by Chelsey Nicole & The Northside Vamps / Chelsey Nicole

‘Go Easy’ by Costello & The Cool Minors / Andree Costello

‘The Greenfield Strangler’ by Son of Bitch / Christopher Seymore

‘Yesterday Wasn’t Real’ by Brian Lisik

‘Here’ by The Options / Matt Bauman and Jake Leya

‘Ivy Colored House’ by Pairdown / David Leicht

‘Heartache in 201’ by Apache Fog / William Ridinger

‘Here on the Outside’ by We Came From Space / Dave Buzard

‘The Juniper Bird and the Hazelnut’ by Diamond Shapes / Lianna Ankney

‘Who Stares Back’ Charm and Chain / Laurie Kudis

‘King’ by House and Hawk / Steve Neinhauser

‘Torn’ and ‘City of Champions’ by The Danzas / Brian McGee

‘Playin’ in the Dark’ by The Grim Game / Sarah Trusilo

‘Underneath the Earth’ by Essential Machine / Karen Dietrich




‘Union Jack Mag’ by The City Steps / Michael Lawson

‘Atlanta’ by The Lampshades / Jaren Love

‘Overtime’ by Dumplings / Jon Dowling

‘We Were Friends’ by Brazilian Wax / Athena Kazuhiro

‘Only a Few of the Very Eldest Climb the Stairs’ by The Marbits / Sam Young

‘Heroine’ by Thrift / Anna Carmela

‘My Mind’s Awake’ by Grain / Carla Simmons

‘Omaha’ by The Squirrel Hillbillies / Gary Crouth & Jenny Wolsk Bain

‘Reverse The Sun’ by Rob Eldridge

‘I Know, I Know’ / ‘We Can Start Again’ (The Beauregards) by Tim Korenich

‘Been A Long Time’ by The Me Toos / Jesse Baldoni

‘Wiccan Wives’ by The Wire Riots / Adam Koisor

‘Blank Stairs’ by The Gotobeds / Eli Kasan

‘My Love’ & ‘You Were Standing There’ by Wind & Waves / Adam Kimokeo-Mitomi

‘Nowhere Town’, ‘We’ve Got Time’ by Mariage Blanc / Josh Kretzmer and Matt Ceraso

‘Bright Day’ by Emily Rodgers





‘The Trickster’ by The Hills and The River / Isaac Hill

‘Hurt’ by carol blaze / A.T. Vish

‘Gingerbread Double-Wide’, ‘Thanksgiving (Things)’, ‘Face the East’, ‘Jesus Keep the Bombs Away’, ‘Do Dum’, ‘Beasts in the Hills’, ‘Own Peace’ by Yarn Wallows / Zach Dow

‘Something Sacred’ by Butterbirds / John Kraemer

‘Money is a Myth’ by Trevor Howarth

‘5X5’ by Murder for Girls / Tammy Wallace

‘Rain Quilt’ by Heather Kropf

‘She Said’ by Eric Oliver

‘Red Slippers’ by Nathan Marshall

‘I Still Want You’ by The Spectres / Dan Spagnolo

‘Hunger’ by Action Camp / Maura Jacobs

‘Feed Me’ by Wreck Loose / Max Sommerville

‘A Song for Sarah’ by The Feel-Good Revolution / Cody Kraski

‘Cigarettes’ by Suavity’s Mouthpiece / J. Trafford

‘Totally Caveman’ by edhochuli / Jonathan Ahn

‘Burn Beautiful’ by Alter the Design / Jason ‘J.J.’ Gaughan

‘Dirty Mind’ and ‘Polish Gold’ by Nathan Zoob

‘There are Questions About Your Behavior and Concerns About Your Health’ by Triangle and Rhino / Matt Rappa

‘Worldwide’ and ‘Alder St.’ by Paddy the Wanderer / Joey Troupe

‘Alone’ by Good Ship Gibraltar / Ryan Mocniak




‘You Don’t Know (What You’re Looking For)’ by Highway 4 / Kelly Brown

‘Yuki and the Case of the Missing Libido’ by Luke McGowan

‘Little Drops of Light’ by Big Gypsy / Jess Winghart

‘I Just Miss Her When I’m Drinking’ by Chris Stowe

‘Spiderman & Mary Jane’ by Don Strange & The Doosh Bears / Don Strange

‘Signs & Wonders’ by Mark AD Williams

‘Make My Day’ by Street Pigeons / Mark Saccomanno

‘Dear Memphis’ by Zach Schmidt

‘Rise Above’, ‘Gotta Stay Near’, ‘Last Ticket’ by Jeremy Caywood

‘Only Time’ by LoFi Delphi / Becki Gallagher

‘Blue Psyche’ by Paul LaBrise

‘She Drinks Whiskey’ by Full Moon Revival / Keith Mularski

‘Refugee’ by The Neffs / Jake Ward

‘Lawn Darts in a Lightning Storm’ by Melo / John Perry

‘Sheena’ by The Park Plan / Jenn Jannon-Fischer

‘Separated by a Small Stream’ by Blød Maud / Emily Crossen

‘Carolina’ by Ferdinand the Bull / Nick Snyder

‘Keep on Growing’ by Douglas Lowell Blevins

‘Soon Enough’ by Brad Yoder

‘One Night as an Astronaut’ by Roger Harvey & The Wild Life / Roger Harvey



‘Pieces in the Wake’ by The Weathered Road / Christopher Bell

‘Bootsie’ by Grand Bell / Vincent Bruni

‘Just Say When’ by Turnpike Gardens / Evan Mulgrave

‘Only Human’ by Jacob Klein

‘I’m With U’ by As Ladders / Michael Berginc

‘Digging Up Failed Cypresses’ by Wrap Around / Andrew Yoho

‘Fool For You’ by The Semi-Supervillians / Vinnie Longhi

‘The River’ by Coastal Remedy / Max Bizousky

‘The Man Who Won the War’ by Bill Toms

‘Apostasy’ by Devin Moses & the Saved / Devin Cox

‘You Can’t Take It When You Go’ by Henry Bachorski

‘Twenty-Two Balloons’ by The Sparrows / Corey Gray

‘Down the Drain’ by Avi Diamond

‘Spain’ by Clinton Clegg

‘Peace in the Valley’ by Scott Shelby

‘Bad Dancer’ by The Tanagrams / Jesse Landis-Eigsti

‘Brand New Me’ by The Spacepimps / Rishi Bahl

‘What R’We Gonna Do?’ by The Wreckids / Scott Roger Peterson

‘Yesterday’s Seafoam Green’, ‘Do Tomatoes Confuse Fruit Bats?’ by The John Trumaine Show / John Lora

‘Warpath’ by Clay McLeod / Clay Hartley



‘Shades of You’ by Naked Spirit / Jessie Caggiano

‘Old Soul’ by Paper States / Ryan Stack

‘Pop Song’ by The Dark Lines / Tiffany Hickman

‘Red Coat’ by Adeline Hotel / Daniel Knishkowy

‘Medicine’ by Josie McQueen / Aaron Duda

‘Bangoose’ by Apex Gibbon / Dave Spencer

‘Blackberries’ by Boca Chica / Hallie Pritts

‘Evening Trains’ by Granville / Brian Myers

‘Fuck You Dad’ by World’s Scariest Police Chases / Dan Rock

‘Rain’ by Comfort Tech / Sean Conner

‘Snake Eyes’ by Wine & Spirit / Paul Joseph

‘Railroad Man’ by David Wilson

‘Cerulean’ by Akrasia / Bill Danylo

‘There’s a Piece of Meat in My Tang’ by ‘Weird Paul’ Petrosky

‘The Journey’ by Memphis Hill / Victor Cherubim

‘Brenda’s Sun’ by Old Game (Good Thing) / Brittany Hautz (Brenda Leeds)

‘396 WPM (I Don’t Know You)’ by Midge Crickett / Meg Georgiana

‘Devil Don’t Care’ by Sephus Lee / Jeremy Rak

‘Get Through Winter’ by Hard Money / Michael C. Baltzer

‘Went Upstairs With a Sinking Feeling’ (Unraveler) & ‘Digitally Romanticated/Grew Up in the Hard Times’ (Sorta Lonely) / Dakota Bahney



‘DISEASE’ by KHeeS / Ben Dietels

‘Candyman’ by Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing / Brendon Bassler

’Yesterday’s Loser’ by There You Are / Tom Chorba

‘Birds + Trees’ by Wings for Armor / Murph McCulloch

‘Last King of the Wild’ by townsppl / Alexander Stanton

‘Patterns of Chaos’ by Native Alloys / Bryan Lepri

‘The Song That’s Playing’ by Lucid Lung / Patrick Coyle

‘Rest in Pieces’ and “Spit Like Fire’ by Spacefish / Nate ‘N.R.’ Dibert

‘America’, ‘Rosabelle, Believe’, ‘Fading Away’ & ‘Travels (Don’t Lose Your Way)’ by Houdini’s Psychic Theatre / Kyle Kovaleski

‘We’re Just Fine’ by The Nied’s Hotel Band / John Vento

‘infinity’ by Bindley Hardware Co. / Jon Bindley

‘Red’ by Bastard Bearded Irishmen / Jim Smerecky

‘What Do You Want From Me?’ by Roulette Waves / Heather Donovan

‘Jerusalem’ by we speak in colors / Andrew Armstrong

‘I’m the Boss’ by Rachel B. / Rachel Borovic

‘The Poor Kid’ by River Rat / Marc Matinka

‘What Did I Know’ by David Hamilton

“All” by Venus in Furs / Michael T. Nolan

“Goodbye” and “Trolley Car” by Chase The Monkey / Alberto Sewald

‘Tried So Hard’ by Nick Martin




‘Nothing to Lose’ by Bridgette Perdue

‘Adam, Eve, Abel & Seth’ by Them Labs / Seth Pfannenschmidt

‘Spirit Tree’ by Lone Wolf Club / Justin Stag

‘Release’ by Egomyth / David Rupp

‘Something in Between’ by Scott and Rosanna / Rosanna Paterra

‘Kodachrome Heart’ by Liss Victory

‘This Empty House’ by The Redlines / Brian Seese

‘Spruce’ by Justin Endler

‘Great Unknown’ by Sean Thomas Gerard

‘Tiny Lights’ by The Telephone Line / Addi Twigg

‘Down Far’ by Andy Van Lewis

‘Skin’ by Josh Herbert

‘Slow Down’ by Mike Roth

‘Luxury’ by The Crew of the Half Moon / Kate Rhodes

‘Contagion’ and ‘And All You Have is Yourself’ by 2020K / Robert ‘RJ’ Kozain

‘Rail Road Disaster’ by Nameless in August / Zach Rock

‘Appalachian Hymn’ by The Luna Program / John Stuart

‘Penelope’ by Old Soles and Seedy Players / Dan Styslinger

‘In My Head’ by The Full Counts / Eric Vermillion

‘Please Show Me How’ by Pierogi Pizza / Jody Perigo



‘Spring to Come’ by The Harvest Colour / Gabe Mangold

‘Come Alive’ by Blue Clutch / Sarah Halter

‘Can’t Stop Falling’ by Sun King Warriors / Jim Donovan

‘Watch my World Die’ by Boulevard of the Allies / Joel Lindsey

‘Funny Individual’ by The Kyle Lawson Band / Kyle Lawson

‘Roses’ by The Derek Woodz Band / Derek Woodz

‘Sober When I’m Dead’ by Those Gorgeous Bastards / Rocky ‘Turbeaux’ Croyle

‘Bury the Crown’ by Six Speed Kill / Nick Phelps

‘Hold On’ by Some Kind of Animal / Anthony Jardine

‘Bones’ by The Mutiny / Dean Henry

‘Empty Bottle’, ‘Lonesome’ by Elkhound / Chris Putt

‘Empty Roads’ by Dan Bubien

‘Ceilings’ by Metacara / Kyla Rae

‘Tale of a Sailor’ by Lucky Lad Green / Jim Berkin

‘Where You Are’ by The Dovewires / Todd Knepp

‘Gemini’ by Boy Wonders / Derek January

‘Luck of the Draw’ by The Mixus Brothers / Jacob Stempky

’Almost Ordinary’ by The Rents / Jason Pietropaulo

‘Scared to Say I’m Scared’ by Sun Hound / Jessica Fisch

‘The Load You Tow’ by The Hang Lows / Dominic Bartolomucci



‘Things We Are’ by Diego / Diego Byrnes

‘I am Told I am Sitting’ by Flock of Walri / Mike Mast

‘Sirens’ by Red Room Effect / Eric Gadola

‘Mission to Find Intelligent Life’ by J.D. Rau

‘Cardea’ by Bitter Whiskers / Tessa Barber

‘Come What May’ by Dori Cameron

‘Another Sky’ by UNKNOWN

‘Prom Queen’ by Spinning Jenny / Julia Balzano

“Ramblin’ (Again in My Head) by Smokey Bellows / Nick Bigatel

‘Scattered Pieces’ by The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers / Gary Antol

‘The Ocean’ by Bikini Islands / Kyle Wacker

‘For These Reasons’ by The Lone Pines / Josh Chamberlain

‘Crystal Ball’, ‘Beautiful Alien’, ‘Reaper Man’ by Grandadchilds / John Rushlander

‘Not One Man is Free’ by The Hipsters / Richard Scott McEwan

‘Panacea’ by Come Holy Spirit / Gina Favano

‘Blood and Treasure’ by Honeyriders / Mark Fern

‘Wild’ by Tim Vitullo

‘A Perfect Portrait’ and ‘Millenia’ by Rainbow Machine / Ryan Hilberg

‘Face’ by Fortune Teller / J.J. Young

‘Getty’ by The Petals / Aaron Sheedy



‘Cult Licker’ by Holy Rivals / Matt Langille

‘Here We Are’ by Standard Broadcast / Nathan Jay

‘Buried Alive’ by Swampwalk / Anna Hale

‘Cruelty’ by Pop Thief / Richard Woodson

‘He’ by Prayher / Phoebe Rayher

‘Kiss the Ground’ by Kayla Schureman

‘I Can Get High’, ‘Momma Have Mercy’, ‘Cigarettes and Whiskey’, and ‘Countryside’ by Buffalo Rose / Shane McLaughlin

‘Anhatta Poly’ by Ancient History / Donald Ducote

‘Nowhere’ by Llore / Amanda Collins

‘Goodbye Good Luck’ by The Natural Way of Farming / Michael Simms

‘Cosmic Serenity’ by Different Places in SPACE / Michael Palladini

‘Nitty Gritty’ by Dennis Malley

‘Given Up’ by PAINT31 / Paul ‘PJ’ Bianchi

‘Speckles’ by Sol Persona / Karter Schachner

‘Overture for Pittsburgh, or, More Engineers’ by Lawn Care / Cameron LeViere

‘Pressure’ by The Moat Rats / Karli Blotzer

‘Oasis’ by Kaelber / Noah Myers

‘Forefront’ by Kahone Concept / Ben Orvick

‘An Inventory of the Things I’ve Done Wrong (Starting Over) by The Beagle Brothers / Gabriel Smith


‘The Weeds’ by Tears of Joy / Evan Kadan

‘Where My Hoes At?” by Truth in Advertising / Sean O’Donnell

‘Not Necessarily’, Junior’, ‘Adult Sentences’, ‘Saturated as Fuck’, ‘Keys to the Castle’ by Brash Teeth / Gene Vercammen

‘Adderall’ by The Stars of Disaster / Anthony Schiappa

‘Too Many Gone’ by Yves / Naison Gardner

‘Lost in the Darkness’ by The YJJ’s / Jared Dray

‘Rule the World’ by Chase and the Barons / Chase Barron

‘Holiday Face’ by vireo / Chris Beaulieu

‘Wonder’ by God’s Green Apples / Jim McDonough

‘Little Arms’ by Mayor Owl / Ryan Solomon

‘Jelly’ and ‘Snowflake’ by Two Birds / Dan Garrighan

‘Leave a Light On’ by Jordan McLaughlin

‘Chemistry’ by Sleep Movies / Skyler Brimmeier

‘Parliament’ by The Pump Fakes / Patrick Maloney

‘Where I Go’ by Soft Gondola / Daniella Trimble

‘Lessons of Love’ by “shay” / Lauren Demichiei

‘Water from a Chandelier’ by Her Ladyship / Brian Reyburn

‘Girl Uptown’ by Sadie’s Song / Sadie Freund

‘Send Me No Flowers’ by Honey / Joe Praksti

‘The Witch’ by Bat Zuppel / Zach Bronder


‘Living for the Moment’ by Brad Abbott

‘Front Row’ by Chip & the Charge Ups / Chip Dimonick

‘Tom Sawyer is Your Brother’ by Daily Grind / Brad Hammer

‘No Love’ by Alexandra Goins

‘Absolutely’ by Colin & the Crows / Colin A. Hill

‘The Pretender’ by Astrology Now / Greg Mastrean

‘You Ruined Me’ by Matt Aquiline & The Dead End Streets / Matt Aquiline

‘Losing Game’ by Angela Autumn / Angela Magnanelli

‘The Hunt’ by Northern Gold / Jake Anderkovitch

‘I’ll Always Drive You Home’ by Just Fern / Margaret Fern Romero

‘Sand and Heat’ by Erin Lindsay Dragan

‘Mr. Mint Chocolate Chip’ by Soda Club / Shay Park

‘Cruel’ by Zeve / Patrick Hodge

‘Don’t Be Late’ by Brahctopus / Ethan Kovalcik

‘Traveler’, ‘Pushover’ by Good Sport / Ryan Hizer

‘Radiation’ by Bad Custer / Jesse Harlan Davis

‘Goodbye For Now’ by ATL&S / Michael Lewandowski

‘Play Another Song’ by Raven Clifton

‘If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again’ by iNCO FIdO / Chuck Veri

‘Heart in a Web’ by BYRON NASH & PLANB / Byron Nash



‘The Cadaver, I Must Have Her!’ by Leprosy / Chris Pawloski

‘Look Away’ by Honey Prism / Jeanean Naqvi

‘Little Bird’ by Tai Chirovsky

‘Desert’, ‘The Greys’, ‘Pioneers’, View and the Void’, ‘Funeral’ by Ryan Hoffman & The Pioneers / Ryan Hoffman

‘Better Way’ by Brewer’s Row / Mark Hohman

‘Artust’ by Gerald Marshman

‘Lost Soul’ by BBGuns / Justin Pitkavish AKA MC Lazy JP Pitt

‘The Devil and Me’ by The Struggle Bus / Dan Yost

‘Something About My Heart’ by Rachel Whitcomb

‘Wick and the Wax by Alan Getto

‘Don’t Pretend’ by Stone Throwers / David Didio (Rosario)

‘Dirt and Bones’, ‘Black on Black’, ‘Empty Honds’, ‘Take What You Wanted’ by The Black Six / Camden Leeds

‘Seeds’ by Sam Stucky

‘36 Straight’ by Dr. HollyHood / Amber Epps

‘Santa Ana Wins’ by Leila Rhodes

‘Love X INEX’ by INEZ / Danielle Walker

‘The Apprentice’ by Sarlacc / Phillip Harrold

‘Failure to Thrive’ by Berry Breene

‘Twenty Stars’ by Take Me With You / Elizabeth Fein

‘Cars’ by SUREFIRE / Jason Duty



‘LSFeet’ by Water Trash / Carter Vannoy

‘Out of It’, ‘Haunted’ by Drauve / Victoria Morgan Draovitch

‘Bender Szn’ by Flower Crown / Richie Colosimo

‘Warren’ by Hemlock for Socrates / Heather Shore

‘Burning House’ by Caleb Kopta

‘Radiate’ by Shiva Skydriver / Kelsey James

‘Work hard, Rest Easy’ by Dylan Rooke

‘Saved’ by Clara Kent

‘Something to Say’ by Merz, Miller & the Wolves / Leslie Miller

‘Graze’ by The Zells / Jackson Rogers

‘Grown’ by Sierra Sellers

‘Featherweight’ by Frame & Mantle / Connor Freer

‘Give Me the Boo Boo Spray’ by I Swallow Ghosts / Corey Scordo

‘Something About You’ by Dahn ‘N’ Aht / Heather Carson

‘Rosetta Stone’ by D’Shaun T

‘In a Way You Can Only Dream’ by The Quiet Loud / William J Ainsworth III

‘Truth Be Told’ by Chi Illochi

‘Don’t Let Go’ by Aloha Salvation / John R. Lecky

‘(Inmates of) the Material Prison’ by Non-Playable Character / Matt Penco

‘Mickey Lean’ by Kenny Sukitch



‘The Revolt of Myself’ by Bouquets / Christian Freberg

‘Virginia’ by Andrew Hendryx

‘… You Just Might See It’ by Atlantic Wasteland / Sam Quatrini

‘On Top’ by Scratchy Blanket / Shannon Keating

‘Sapien’s Lament by Vimanas / Gene Paul Vercammen

‘Charlie McCarthy’s Ghost’ by Garage League / John Potiseck

‘Spitting Image’ by Anthony Heubel

‘Translucent Pygmies’ by Skeletonized / Brian DiSanto

‘Remington John’ by Alyssa Hankey

‘Sitcommunist’ by milpool / Bobby Smith

‘Work is for the Bees’ by Shelf Life String Band / Joe Dep (Hog Willy)

‘Monsters’ by Animal Scream / Chad Monticue

‘Let My Heart Break’ by Carrie Collins

‘The Legend of Distelfink’, ‘Rain Come and Get Me’, ‘Here’s a Little Something’ by Distelfink / Steve Hobaugh

‘Paper Carton Pulp’ by Daisy Chain / J.J. Young

‘Transparency’ by Soulios / Nicholas Linder

‘Let it Rain’ by JuliAnne Wright

‘Get Your Soul Right’ by Domenic Fusca

‘Holiday Inn’, ‘It Ain’t Happenin’’ by Anti-Corn League / NicoleEicher

Like It Was Said (They Don’t Like My Friends At All)’ by Max Robby



‘White Horse’ by Redson / Damian Irdi AKA DDee Bullets

‘Slaughta Alotta Equestria’ by Coltcrusher / Steve Miller AKA Brootaloo

‘No Good’ by Jon Wolff

‘No Smoke’ by Jordan Ontgomery

‘Relative Hostility’ by Bill Munz

‘Angels Prevail’ by Wild Blue Yonder / Eli Alfieri

‘Thank You Paul’ by ‘Jorge’ Coke Belda

‘Loveless Weeks’ by Inch Deep Pool of Slush / Ben Gibbons

‘Colossus’, ‘Black Bloc’, ‘Amputee’ by Dissidente/Диссиденты / Chris Ruckus

‘As I Get Older’ by Steve Hawk

‘Redemption’s Cry’ by Brady Novotny

‘Brand New With You’ by Hayley & Josh by Hayley (Dunhoff) Dailey

‘Horizon’ by Across the Dawn / Josh Morris

‘Take Me to the Water’ by Mark Browning




‘Momma’s Boy’ by YAWN / Adam Gil *

‘Tourists’ by Bright Moments / Kelly Pratt

‘Bad Way To Go’ by Lydia Loveless / Lydia Ankrom

‘I Like It’ by Intensive Care / Phillipe Manasseh *

‘Sin-Love-Hate’ by Martin Bisi

‘Anyway Rattlesnake’ by Haley Bonar

‘Low Fevers’ by Prison For Kids / Christopher Dreisbach*

‘My Leather, My Fur, My Nails’ by Stepdad / Mark Tafel

‘1001’ by The Big Sleep / Sonya Balchandani

‘Lilith’ by Birdhand / Joey Weed *

‘Old Sweat’ by The Keys / Boris Paillard *

‘Rosebell’ by Waterlaso / Michael Cameron *

‘Hippy Provider’ by The Intelligence / Lars Finberg

‘Your Own Ghost’ by Gold Motel / Greta Morgan

‘Spirits’ by Still Flyin’ / Sean Rawls

‘Virginia Slims’ by The Futurebirds / Carter King

‘Bulletproof’ by Hayley Taylor

‘Vacation’ by Tall Tall Trees / Mike Savino

‘Shine (Like An Empty Prison)’ by Red Sammy / Adam Trice

‘Resurrection Ship’ by Ian Wilson

‘Like You Like Me Like Me’ by Cobalt & The Hired Guns / Tomlinson Fort

‘Born To Die’ by Gregory Pepper and His Problems / Gregory Pepper

‘Crawl, Baby, Crawl’ by The Melismatics / Ryan Smith

‘Dreamers’ by Savoir Adore / Paul Hammer




‘2010’, ‘Tucked in Trees’ by Slothbear / Craig Heed, Josh Bonati *

‘Good’ by The Ragbirds / Erin Zindle

‘We Run Around (Rumspringa)’ by Coed Pageant / Bradley Bergstrand, Gretchen Bergstrand

‘Harvest Moon Blues’ by Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers / Zoe Muth

‘Private Browsing’ by Tom Blacklung & The Smokestacks / Joe Plourde *

‘Thresher’ by Roger Bryan & The Orphans / Roger Bryan *

‘To Win Your Love’ by Dominique Pruitt

‘I Am’ by Hellblinki / Andrew Benjamin

‘The Royal Violent Birds’ by Barry Brusseau

‘I Already Forgot Everything You Said’ by The Dig / Emile Mosseri

‘Temper Tantrum’ by Crushed Out / Frank Hoier

‘Je ne vois que vous’ by Benjamin Schoos

‘King George’ by The We Shared Milk / Boone Howard

‘Little Brother, Little Sister’ by In One Wind / Angelo Spagnolo *

‘Wedding Or Funerals’ by Jim Hanft

‘Mixed Signals (On the Rocks)’ by Mittenfields / Dave Mann

‘I Am Supposed To Be Here’ by Pictorials / Morgan Nicholson *

‘Catch My Breath’ by Kiernan McMullan

‘Blamed Your Friends’ by Death On Two Wheels / Trae Vedder

‘Guilty Good Intentions’ by Filligar / Johnny Mathius





‘Feelin’ Too Good To Die’ by The Ohio Weather Band / Corey King *

‘Leaves And Pods’ by Lyndsay Lou & The Flatbellys / Lindsay Rachel Petroff

‘Get Me Out Of Here’, ‘Blue’ by Shotgun Honeymoon / Eric Mellgren

‘You Were The Leaves’ by Quiet Loudly / Max Goransson

‘Take Away’ by Turning Violet Violet / Sarah Gulish

‘Cover My Section’ by The Foil Swans / Jim Andralis

‘Holyoke/Springfield’ by Blessed Feathers / Donivan Berube

‘Wide Open Blues’ by Big John Bates / John Bates

‘Wondrous Love’ by David Wax Museum / David Wax

‘Lemmingway’ by The Duskwhales / Chris Baker

‘Mercy’ by Rebecca Loebe

‘Somethin for Nothin’ by Jeff Campbell

‘Gypsy Black Cat’ by Hollis Brown / Mike Montali

‘Dirty Wings’ by Megan Slankard 

‘Loopy Su’ by Saul Conrad

‘My Favorite Pain’ by Kevin Bowe + The Okemah Prophets / Kevin Bowe

‘Out To Sea’ by The Delta Saints / Ben Ringel

‘How am I Ever Gonna Be Me” by Scott Miller

‘Uh-Oh’ by Super Water Sympathy / Clyde Hargrove

‘Fork in the Road’ by The Detroit Rebellion / Jeff Toste





‘Never Be Daunted’ by Jaymay / Jamie Seerman

‘Tea and Tobacco’ by Jeffrey Foucalt

‘Punching The Air’ by Parsonsfield / Chris Freeman

‘Little Miss Awesome’ by Jeremy Porter & The Tucos / Jeremy Porter

‘Too Late To Be Your Fool’ by the Depth & the Whisper / Albert Bickley

‘North Park Fairies’ by WRITER / Andy Ralph

‘Hunger Moon’ by Love + Radiation / Adele Nicholas

‘Hey Now’ by Drew Schofield *

‘The Raucous Calls of Morning’ by Heyward Howkins

‘Prizefighter’ by Mutts / Mike Maimone

‘Silver Lining’ by Andrew Winter & The Reckless Dodgers / Andrew Winter

‘Another World’ by Shawn Mrazek Lives! / Shawn Mrazek

‘Go To Sleep, Mess’ by Day Joy / Michael Serrin

‘I Still Believe’ by The Weber Brothers / Ryan Weber

‘Fall Away’ by David Wilcox

‘With Our Eyes Closed’ by Prevrat / Ric Gordon *

‘Slow Dance’ by Shannon Labrie

‘Invisible People’ by Boom Said Thunder / John Magnifico *

‘The Bubble Boy’ and ‘Tongues’ by Paws / Phillip Taylor

‘In Common’ by Can’t Dance / Garrett McKee




‘Jesse Likes Birds by Carrie Elkin

‘Company of Friends’ by Danny Schmidt

‘Strange Architecture’ by Cold Fronts / Craig  Almquist

‘Pins & Needles’ by Trapper Schoepp & The Shades / Trapper Schoepp

‘Purple Hearts’ by Some Dark Holler / Chris Porter

‘Still’ by Jann Close *

‘Submarines’ by Goodnight, Texas / Patrick Dyer Wolf

‘Rise Up’ by Rebecca Pronsky

‘Wolf II’ by Spacewolf / Drew McKercher

‘D’ by Restorations / Jon Loudon

‘Another Life’ by Black City Lights / Julia Catherine Parr

‘Louise’ by Rob Nance

‘Every Mountain Needs Someone’ by El Cantador / Heath Underwood *

“Dead on TV’ & ‘Livin’ on the Real World’ by Dead on TV / Daniel Evans

‘I Want It All’ by The Gospel Claws / Joel Marquard *

‘The Thermostat, The Telephone’ by Elsinore / Ryan Groff

‘Over The Hill’ by The Lonely Wild / Andrew Carroll

‘Stitches’ by Califone / Tim Rutili

‘Always With Me’ by Kevin Presbrey

‘Don’t Slow Me Down’ by Noble Hunter / Kevin Garrett

‘Gimme a Chantz!’ by Sleepy Kitty / Paige Brubeck





‘Lights’ by England in 1819 / Dan Calloway

‘Hold Onto Your Hats (Cause We’re Going Down)’ by Science! / Justin Stang *

‘Talking About You’ by Camden / Jason Sibilia *

‘Three in the Mornin’’ by The Black Lillies / Cruz Contreras

‘When You’ve Got Trouble’ by Liz Longley

‘All Directions’ by Joe Moorehead

‘Bittersweet’ by Metropolis America / Cristian Mora *

‘No Mathematician’ by The Saturday Giant / Philip Cogley *

‘Making Americans’ by Mooner / Lee Ketch *

‘Sand Naps’ by Elephant Gun / Jared Olson

‘One Drop’ by The Pinstripes / Mike Sarason

‘Let it Fill Your Whole Heart’ by Cindertalk / Jonny Rodgers

‘Fanger’ by The Kickback / Billy Yost

‘Trouble’s Roots’ by One Mile An Hour / Jeff Kightly

‘Seasons’ by Fishdoctor / Michael Romano *

‘Rollin’’ by New Country Rehab / John Showman

‘1933 (Great Depression)’ by Southeast Engine / Adam Remnant

‘Someone For You’ by Warm Soda / Matthew Melton *

‘California’ by Bill Eberle *

‘Humboldt’ by  Exit Ghost / Evan Holmes

‘Beyond The Moon’ by Old Man Markley / John Rosen




‘Steeple Vultures’ by Wood Ear / Nate Tarr

‘Mother Pulls’ by Little War Twins / Gaetana Brown *

‘It’s Illicit’ by Motive / Nick Wold

‘You’re a Sign’ by Ken Stringfellow

‘Brighter Than The Sun’ by The Breton Sound / Jonathan Pretus *

‘Death at the Heart of the Disco’ by Winkie / Gina Spiteri

‘Quill’ by The Last Bison / Benjamin Hardesty

‘Poet Song’ by Adam Faucett

‘We Have The Dreamers’ by The Stargazer Lilies / Kim Field

‘Used To Believe’ by Red Collar / Jason Kutchma *

‘Summer Song’ by Matt Duncan

‘Come Home’ by CHAPPO / Dave Feddock-Alex Chappo

‘Midnight Crowd’ by The Tins / Adam Putzer

‘Already Gone’ by Jennifer O’Connor

‘Invisible Man’ by The Federal Hillbillies / Justin Ahmanson

‘Tay’ by Gold & The Rush / Jake McGregor *

‘Airsick’ by The Fatty Acids / Josh Evert

‘Sweet Adam’ by Rodeo Ruby Love / Zachary Melton

‘Deviance’ by Cairoglyphs / Ryan Forest

‘Monkey Man’ by Thee Open Sex / Rachel Weidner AKA Miss Mess *




‘Pillowcase Suitcase’ by The Royal Streets / Algernon Friolet *

‘Midnight on South Granville’ by Jay Arner

‘Little Dance’ by Johnny Beauford

‘Ocean’ by Sam Moss

‘Teenage Colony’ by Naked Gods / Chris Hutelmyer

‘Lovesick & Blind’ by Bible Belt Sinners / Molly Simms

‘Holiday’ by Great Caesar / John-Michael Parker

‘Drug Facts’ by Casper & The Cookies / Jason NeSmith

‘Let the Flies In’ by Sontag Shogun / Jesse Perlstein

‘Samson’ by The McLovins / Jacob Huffman *

‘A Little Caffeine’ by 100 Watt Suns / Steve Broderick *

‘Heartache & Revolution’ by Cyndi Harvell

‘Mind the Monsters’ by The Feel Bad Hit of Winter / Ryan Leip

‘Dance With Me’ by Joseph Childress

‘Nothing to Prove’ by Frances & The Foundation / Samantha Frances Cutler

‘Jumpin’ Java’ by Lowly, The Tree Ghost / Andrew Arbogast

‘I Almost Fell…’ by Axxa/Abraxas / Ben Asbury

‘Come and Stay’ by Vic & Gab / Victoriah Gabriela

‘Sail Away’ by Aircraft / Justin John Smith




‘Shine on Me’ by Tone / Brandyn Mark *

‘Flightless Bird’ by ROAR / Owen Evans

‘Like Birds’ by Prairie Empire / Brittain Ashford

‘Wonder’ by Mammoth Indigo / Cody Bowers

‘Long Gone, Anyways’ by Banditos / Timothy Steven Corey Parsons

‘Foxhole’ by The Midnight Ghost Train / Steve Moss

‘A Friend From Argentina’ by Anthonie Tonnon

‘Organ Donor Blues’ by John Velghe & The Prodigal Sons / John Velghe

‘Falling Out’ by Cheers Elephant / Jordan del Rosario

‘Patch of Blue’ by Frogbelly & Symphony / Tom & Liz Hanley

‘My Flag on the Moon’ by Leanne Kingwell

‘Worn Out My Welcome’ by Violent Mae / Becky Kessler

‘Picture’ by Bugs in the Dark / Zach Glass

‘Let ‘Em Talk’ by Luke Winslow-King

‘Vera’ by 1974 / Angela Rhea-Piccoli

‘Come As You Are’ by Young Fangs / Joshua LaBuda

‘Baseline’ by Vincent Colbert

‘Borderline’ by Summer Underground / Chrissy Sandman

‘Ronald’ by My Tulpa / TJ Boudreau *

‘Departure from Venus’ by ROMP / Madison Klarer



‘The Real Thing’ by Common Ground / Jay Uhrer *

‘Lions & Lambs’ by David Bavas

‘I Go Walking’ by The Quick & Easy Boys / Sean Badders

‘Island Moonshine (Instrumental)’ by Ryan Ayers

‘The Lament of Coronado Brown’ by Pearl and the Beard / Emily Hope Price

‘God of Loss’ by Darlingside / Auyon Mukharji

‘I Know You Are A Coward’ by Kristeen Young

‘The Cerulean Sea’ by Bye Bye Bird / Gray McLary *

‘The Blue Eyed West’ by The Patti Fiasco / Alysia Kraft

‘A is A’ by Go Murphy / Marcus Rondestvedt *

‘Mostly Lonely’ by Book Club / Robbie Horlick

‘Forsynthia’ by Cricket Blue / Laura Heaberlin *

‘Homo Inferior’ by Coquette / Cobalt Tolbert *

‘Aubade’ by Grand Vapids / McKendrick Bearden

‘Broken Hearts’ by Laney Jones & The Spirits / Laney Jones (typed)

‘Voices from the Top of the Mountain’ by Adam Torres

‘Lady Killer’ by The Boy & Sister Alma / Jennifer Murphy

‘Enjoy It’ by elle belle / Christopher Pappas *

‘Rager (for the end of the universe)’ by SugarBad / Isaac Jaffe *

‘I Don’t Care’ by Freya Wilcox & The Howl / Freya Wilcox *




‘Wheels’ by Joshua Fletcher

‘As Soon As Winter Comes’ by The Bird and The Bear / Mirthe Bolhuis

‘Stringer’ by The Jaguar Club / William Popadic

‘Madison’ by Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine / Mike Vizzi *

’Broken Bridge’ by A Day Without Love / Brian Walker

‘Flowers’ by Dot Dash / Terry Banks

‘Learn to Laugh’ by Easy Roscoe / Jon Worthy

‘Palindrome’ by The Young Novelists / Graydon  James

‘What We Lost’ by Ben Bedford

‘Loving Arms’ by The Bellfuries / Joey Simeone

‘Delroy Lindo’ by Forebear / Scott Goldbaum

‘Dancing Shoes’ by Peter Evans

‘The Last Living Trial’ by Ancient Warfare / Echo Wilcox

‘Mouse on the Moon’ by Miss Geo / Abby Heredia

‘Thunder Thighs’ by Darsombra / Brian Daniloski

‘Monsters’ by Bloody Diamonds / Sara Elizabeth

‘Gossip, Rumors and Innuendos’ by Stephen Lee *

‘When You’re Wrong’ by The Oyster Murders / Grant Redgen

‘Love Brought Weight’ by Old Sea Brigade / Ben Cramer




‘Way Far Away’ by Knowlton Bourne *

‘America Religious’ by Caroline Rose

‘Machine’ by Abi Reimold

‘My Beloved’ by The Banner Days / Beth Whitney

‘Frost’ by Crab Legs / Scott Heidinger

‘Parachutes’ by Seafair / Chayla Hope

‘Adherent’ by Paper Lights / Dan Snyder

‘Brother’ by Driftwood / Dan Forsyth

‘Pioneer Iron’ by Bud Bronson & the Good Timers / Brian Beer

‘Bonfire’ by Sofia Talvik

‘Field of Bells’ by The Still Tide / Anna Morsett

‘Badlands’ by Racing Heart / Mathias H. Tjønn

‘Vacancy’ by Meghann Wright

‘Oh, Amaranta’ by Tiny Rhymes / Sharon Mok *

‘Grand Old Feeling’ by William Matheny *

‘Sometimes You Win’ AKA “The CIA Torture Report’ by The Matchsellers / Julie Bates

‘Camille’ by Ian Fitzgerald

‘Anthem’ by Band of Lovers / Dave Strumfeld

‘Chasing Shadows’ by The Barefoot Movement / Noah Wall

‘Plume – Spine’ by Timelapzzz / Aaron Joseph *



‘Fence’ by Bombadil / Daniel Michalak

‘You Lost You’ by Carissa Johnson

‘OK’ by Vanessa Silberman
Go Out of Range reproduced lyrac songbook by Gun Outfit

‘Grouplove’ by Gina Zo / Gina Castanzo

‘Dreams Via Memories’ by Ceramic Animal / Warren Regan

‘Breathing Underwater’ by Mike Mains & The Branches / Mike Mains

‘Forever’, ‘Intoxication (Reprise)’ by Merilette

‘Solarplexus’, ‘Titans of Industry’ by Doping the Void / Paul Neil (The Richard Move)

‘Time Travelers’ by Poetry in Commotion / John ‘Ballistic’ Perry

‘Trouble’ by Emily Zuzik

‘Introductions’ by Dan McCoy



‘A Damn Good Disguise’ by The Mendoza Line / Timothy Bracy

‘Lady Godiva & Me’ by Grant Lee Buffalo / Grant Lee Phillips

‘Something Dark’ by The Mendoza Line / Shannon McArdle

‘Blue Always Finds Me’ by Hotel Lights / Darren Jessee

‘Happy Alone’ by Earlimart / Ariana Murray

‘To All My Scientist Colleagues I Bid You Farewell’ by Hallelujah The Hills / Ryan Walsh

‘Tiger Lily’ by Luna / Dean Wareham

‘Wild Goose Chase’ by Elephant Micah / Joseph O’Connell

‘So What If We’re Outta Tune (With The Rest Of The World)’ by Marah / David Bielanko

‘Modern Trick’ by Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles / Sarah Borges

‘Starlight’ by One Star Hotel / Steve Yutzy-Burkey

‘Raining Butterflies’ by Liquor Giants / Ward Dotson

‘New Brookland’ by South San Gabriel / Will Johnson

‘Lartigue’ by Casey Shea

‘Bad Florida’ by Tim Easton / J.P. Olsen

‘I Would Have Married You’ by Tim Easton

‘At Last! The Celestial Being Speaks (The Utterly Indifferent)’ by Quiet Company / Taylor Muse

‘Catherine Avenue’ by Biirdie / Jared Flamm

‘Hunger Song’ by The Middle East / Jordan Ireland

‘It Got All Black’ by Shivaree / Ambrosia Parsley

‘Papillon’ by Radar Bros. / Jim Putnam

‘Folly’ by Camper Van Beethoven / Jonathan Segel

‘From the Interest of Few’ by Norfolk & Western / Adam Selzer

‘It is Safe’ by matt pond PA / Matt Pond

‘Blanket and Crib’ by Okkervil River / Will Sheff