Image of the Day-“A Girl In Port”

October 12, 2008
  • Okkervil River
  • Thursday October 9, 2008
  • Mr. Small’s Funhouse
  • Millvale, PA

Tickets went on pre-sale for this show in May. That’s five months folks! I snagged a ticket that day. When I went to the box office the night of the show I noticed maybe eight other names on the will call sheet? I walk in and the placed was crazy packed! Smalls holds 600+? Where did all these fans come from since they opened for The New Pornos a scant six months prior when it seemed no one ever heard of Will Sheff. Hell he was at YEP that afternoon with nobody else but lil’ ole me. Regardless the secret is out…these guys are maybe the best American band playing and recording right now.

With all the members in and out of the group throughout the life of the band, I am really bummed I never got to see the Brian Cassidy/Jonathan Meiburg version. This line-up was great, but somehow I long for the old days. Here’s a killer show (minus Meiburg) from February of this year. I thought my photos turned out super sweet and I wasn’t even expecting to get my camera into Smalls. Security stopped me at the door and asked to see ALL my lenses in my bag. I guess therei s a 13″ length rule for lenses or something? Kinda ridiculous if you ask me but I was playing along. They had to consult the tour manager on my zoom? Whatever, they let me in on the premise that I don’t take any flash pictures! Flash? Flash is for amateurs, baby.