Image of the Day-R.A.N.T. 2014

August 18, 2014

HughShows with the ‘King of Lawrenceville’ Slim Forsythe. The only way to start ‘R.A.N.T’.- ing!

I really had no idea of what to expect for the 3rd Annual Rock All Night Tour Festival (lovingly referred to as R.A.N.T.) in Lawrenceville. I wanted to have a lot of fun and I certainly did so. This was my first opportunity of having said fun and I could not help but to go all out.

Simply put, I love Pittsburgh music. There was so much going on that I figured I am going to have to miss most of it but I did try my damndest to catch what I could.

The most amazing thing about walking up and down Butler Street was running into more than a few people who were so nice in saying hello and giving me the greatest of compliments in stating they actually knew who I was and appreciated what I do. Wow? That is what I will remember from this year. “Hey, man! You’re Hugh!” That was beyond special and will ever be the benchmark of what I consider as having a blast. Thanks so much to all who were kind enough to do so.

Then there were the bands. My plan was to start with the “King of Lawrenceville” himself Slim Forsythe at Nied’s Hotel. Talk about the coolest guy ever? Thank you, Slim. A shot and a beer at Noon down at Nied’s is off my bucket list.

After that it was hazy for the next 12 hours. Literally. I managed to shoot over 30 bands. Kinda crazy. I really thought I was done after Moldies and Monsters at around 5pm but ran into some friends who gave me a beer and a foodie recommendation then I was off. I missed many bands I was trying to catch but saw a couple that are new faves. That is what it was all about for me… there was so much going on, I knew I would have to find a discovery or two. It was a positive, not too overcrowded celebration of neighborhood and music.

I would like a few things for next year.

I would love to curate a venue. Row House Cinema at the top of the list, so BADASS! I’ll project my high school Super 8 movies from 1985 behind the bands I ask to play. If Row House ain’t available I’m at Andy Johanson’s! The two coolest venues on that street, man. That is what is happening down on Butler!

I would LOVE to see more buskers. I saw two the entire night? Bands should be playing out in the street before and after every set. That is what is going to make this and Deutschtown work. Hey, you play at 11pm but you are here chillin’ at 3pm? Nah bro, get your gear out and play all day! C’mon! I want to see Mac Miller strumming his ‘Bright Eyes’ stuff out there. You want to make a music scene? Then make it.

I spent nearly a third of my day waiting for sound guys and waiting for soundchecks and waiting for this and that. Listen. I have four bands play Eide’s every month. They go on at the top of the hour and 15 minutes to change around. It hasn’t wavered give or take 5 minutes the eight times we have done it so far. Call my man Jay Vega at The Wilderness Recording Studio if you need help. I know, I have no idea what I’m talking about but I was watching tons of incessant ‘tuning’ last night. I could have caught 40 bands.

Finally, Mary Jo, Zombo, Chet, Jackie, et al. Amazingly beautiful thing you got going! Cannot wait for Year Four.

several conclusions at Nied’s Hotel

Mark Cyler & The Lost Coins at Nied’s Hotel

Jackals of Botswana at Stinky’s

The Way of Life at Arsenal Park

Unknown String Band at Arsenal Park

Donna O at New Amsterdam

Grey’s Fool at New Amsterdam

Molly Alphabet at Arsenal Park

Moldies & Monsters at Arsenal Park

Paul Labrise at Hambone’s

Jess Joseph at Hambone’s

Shawn MacIntyre at Hambone’s

Jeremy Caywood at Hambone’s

Eric George at Hambone’s

Mike Yanchak at New Amsterdam

BARONS at Roundabout Brewery

QuaziWazi at Blackberry Studios

Sleep Experiments at Cattivo

Union Rye at Kickback Pinball Cafe

Sikes at Andy Johanson Photography Studio

Wreck Loose at Arsenal Lanes

The Seams at Eclipse Lounge

BOON at Thunderbird Cafe

Dumplings at Row House Cinema

Pow Wow at Andy Johanson Photography Studio

The Silver Thread at Double D’s

Paddy the Wanderer at Thunderbird Cafe

The Lopez at Row House Cinema


The Cynics at Andy Johanson Photography Studio

Jayke Orvis at Kickback Pinball Cafe

The Neffs at Arsenal Lanes

Jess Joseph at Arsenal Lanes

Black Rapp Madusa at 720 Records