Introducing the Pittsburgh Music Database

August 16, 2019

Attention Pittsburgh (and surrounding areas) musicians:

I have created a public Pittsburgh Music Database on my website.

Being the curator for the Deustchtown Music Festival, we get hundreds of submissions to perform on our site each February and we are privy to a wealth of information on bands and musicians at our fingertips. I always thought that making it public would be a great idea but was adamant not to do so as I felt that was not what the participants were signing up for.

That is when I decided to open up this voluntary process to be public, starting from scratch.

This information could be used by local bands looking to fill a bill, promotors looking for an opener, fans looking for new discoveries… the possibilities are vast.

This will be a long and ongoing work in progress as more musicians find out about it and sign up and as I continue to tweak the actual look and formatting of the database (hopefully with the generous help of people who know how to do so) as well as adding a search function and the ability to sort the database.

Any comments, suggestions and assistance will always be welcome.

PLEASE VERIFY AND CHECK ALL SPELLINGS AND INFORMATION before hitting that submit button. I cannot tell you how many people put in the wrong letters to a website. Believe it or not, there is no .CON domain extension as many fumbled-finger musicians think there is. My hope is that I don’t get any emails asking me to edit any submissions once they are in.

**You must include https:// for web addresses to be hyperlinked.

All that being said, I would appreciate any and all local bands and solo musicians to dive in and and submit.

Submit to the database:

View the database:…/submissions/