Bound Stems Saturday April 1, 2006 Brillobox Pittsburgh, PA

w/ The Takeover UK, Black Tie Review

Andover/Wake Up, Ma And Pa Are Gone/Crimes And Follies/Rented/Up All Night (Book Of Baby Lemon Swamp Re-Fused)/Totipotent/Risking Life And Limb For The Coupon

This show was a pain in the ass to attend. April 1st is my wife's birthday and you married guys out there know that the ladies have a tendency to want to feel 'special' on their day. Bringing up a show was tricky. Who's playing? Bound Stems. Who are they? A cool new band from Chicago on their first tour. Forget it. But honey, they got all kinds of SXSW buzz (despite literally playing in a fucking toilet). Who's SXSW? You know what, drop it, I wanna cuddle up and watch Sex And The City with you.

Things were looking bleak, but the darling she is was tired and the show was starting late anyhow so I was able to swing it. It was well worth the drama.

First up was Pittsburgh-based The Takeover UK. These guys were a pleasant surprise with their upbeat pop.

Next up was another local group Black Tie Revue. They were good as well and supposedly just made it back to the 'burgh from Jersey a few hours before.

It was my virginal trek to The Brillobox and while nothing special, it was nice to be at a new venue for a change.

So I really didn't hear much of this band beforehand save for a few listens of the EP streaming on their site and the aforementioned 'buzz'. It's kinda hard to describe their sound. In fact, I asked their lyricist Bob Gallivan to describe his music and he silently smiled at me for a few seconds and that was that.

Live they were a different beast entirely. Much more energetic and rockin' than the studio stuff. The members know their instruments and the parts they fullfill within the band. That sounds stupid I know, but that's the impression I came away with.

Bob Gallivan hand-written setlist

Bound Stems autographed The Logic Of Building The Body Plan EP

Bound Stems autographed print

These guys and gal were cool. I would easily see them again.  


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