Cake Friday July 2, 2004 "Three Rivers Regatta" Point State Park Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Good Brother Earl

Sheep Go To Heaven/Comanche/Ruby Sees All/Is This Love?/I Want To Love You Madly/Stickshifts And Safetybelts/Wheels/Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps/Frank Sinatra/Italian Leather Sofa/Never There/The Distance/Nugget/I Will Survive

The crowd digging Cake, including Phil P.

This show was part of the annual Three Rivers Regatta in Pittsburgh. This was a blast. For the first time there was a video screen and they were charging a buck admission to offset the "broke as a joke" city. They were also selling beers so, no more stealth tactics needed. This band was so much fun. Their music was perfect for the setting. They weren't selling any merchandise though, which was probably for the better due to the fact I had "several" beers. I still would love a signed Cake shirt.

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