First/Last – The Inpatients

Posted on June 25, 2021

“Our DNA can’t compete with the cold-blooded elite history is full of lies our presidents had glowing eyes“ The Inpatients are a brand new band from Pittsburgh who formed over quarantine. Starting more as a pop-punk band, their recently written material takes some jazz, blues, and metalcore inspiration as well. With one song out now entitled […]

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First/Last – Ruby

Posted on June 4, 2021

“Every morning I open my eyes I wake up to find out I’m in paradise with you under great big blue“ Multi-instrumentalist Ruby (Hornsby) Zolnier was born and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia. At age 3, she began classical training on the violin. In her adult years, she branched out from classical violin, and began […]

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First/Last – Christopher Mark Jones

Posted on May 7, 2021

“Call back your soldiers they’re fixing to die for a God or another God’s game“ Christopher Mark Jones is a songwriter from Pittsburgh who sings soulful country and blues-inflected Americana narratives in “a rich voice that’s slightly rough around the edges” (Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette), but still grabs the listener along with his “fascinating lyrics” […]

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First/Last – KELS

Posted on April 26, 2021

“You make it easier to breathe. Gave me my eyes so I can see. Made me inevitably free. That’s what you gave to me baby“ KELS is the moniker for Pittsburgh based indie alt-R&B artist Kelsey Hillock who began her musical journey in jazz and uses that foundation in her music, adding elements of neosoul and pop. As […]

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First/Last – Back Alley Sound

Posted on April 9, 2021

“Gave blood and bone to what they bumping in the underworld and summer homes.“ Back Alley Sound is a riff-hop six-piece band hailing from the South Side of Pittsburgh. With Shark Parker as lead vocalist, the guitarist Myles Mahoney along with the keyboardist Christian Petrozza, the bassist, Sam Kisic, the saxophonist Robert Ruffner, and finally […]

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First/Last – Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes

Posted on March 26, 2021

Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes are a Pittsburgh rock band formed by Detroit native Jimmy Marino after recording and releasing his debut album Gettin’ Better in November 2019. The music speaks to how poor choices can still turn into something beautiful. With musical influences from rock, roots, blues, and Americana, you’ll find every song is decidedly […]

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First/Last – Demi Michelle

Posted on March 12, 2021

“Just remember life is never crystal clear but in time just like every memory it will all come into focus“ Demi Michelle is a Pittsburgh based singer-songwriter who’s latest single “LA Will Wait for Me” is out today. Co-written by her longtime friend Madison RaeAnne Young, the song follows Demi’s pattern of producing heartfelt and […]

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First/Last – Slam Band and Sam

“Don’t stop, never give in. If you stay true the black hole still spins“ Slam Band and Sam is a Pittsburgh based six-piece band that defies genre, mixing jazz, blues, rock and funk to create a sound as unique as the individual member’s musical background. Formed in late 2018, the band is busy working on […]

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First/Last – Gaadge

“Touch the floor, but don’t go sinking more. Room for one, for you and then it’s done. Nothing more.“ Gaadge is a Pittsburgh based slacker rock band in the vein of Pavement, My Bloody Valentine and Spirit of the Beehive. Formed in 2014 as the creative output of songwriter Mitch DeLong, the band’s debut full-length album Yeah? […]

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First/Last – Gabriella Salvucci

“The phone rings and I won’t pick up because I’d rather leave you on read“ Gabriella Salvucci is a Pittsburgh based songwriter who is releasing her self-titled debut EP via Misra Records on May 21st. At 16 years old, the youngest artist signed to Misra’s long roster, Gabriella honed her craft under the mentorship of two […]

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First/Last – Dumluv

Dumluv is the moniker for Pittsburgh based emo chill dreamwave musician Ryan Hilberg. After the dissolution of his band Rainbow Machine a couple of years ago, Ryan began his solo effort self-releasing EPs, the latest entitled letmeluvu ;( from December of 2020. I want to thank Ryan for taking the time to participate in this […]

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First/Last – Sheridan Woika

“stand by your decisions fuck what people say you know the moment you forget that you start withering away“ Sheridan Woika is a Pittsburgh based anti-folk singer songwriter (with a cool Elephant 6 vibe a-going) who is a self-described “rough n’ tumble kid from Appalachia just trying to work through my trauma and express myself […]

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First/Last – Normal Creatures

Posted on January 8, 2021

“Be safe. Stay weird. Embrace your inner creature today!“ Normal Creatures is a Pittsburgh based hip-hop/rock group (formerly known as Sikes and The New Violence, who have been rocking hard since 2015) who cooked up big plans today for the release of their latest album Nightmare Arcade. Among the merch bundles (vinyl, cassettes, CD, shirt, […]

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First/Last – Jack Swing

Photo courtesy Shauna Miller   “Need a sip of something quicker, the truest eyes under the bluest skies always shine through“ Jack Swing is is a Pittsburgh based rock and roll band that has three fantastic EPs under their belt and are making a lot of noise in town through their dynamic and in your […]

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First/Last – Sam Stuckey

“I am desperate, as of lately for it hasn’t been my year and the life that I’m living  brings me no sense of cheer “ Sam Stuckey is a Pittsburgh based Roots, Progressive Bluegrass, and Country music artist and singer/songwriter. His blending of guitar picking styles complements his higher, rustic bluegrass harmony as evidenced on […]

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First/Last – Doors in the Labyrinth

“The howl of wheels on rails like a banshee’s cry but the dawn transforms it to a siren’s song“ Doors In The Labyrinth is the darkwave electronic project of Pittsburgh based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Josh Loughrey. Drawing from his diverse background including synthpop, ambient/noise, film scores, traditional folk and more, Doors In The Labyrinth creates […]

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First/Last – Neostem

Neostem is a loud, rock band band from Pittsburgh that produces the rustic sounds that embodies the working class town in which they call home as evidenced on their latest release, Return to Sender from March of 2020. I want to thank Rob Marsili (Drums/Percussion) for taking the time to participate in this edition of […]

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First/Last – Leila Rhodes

“The bridge to curiosity bended with my questions as I poked it not to break but to show it some tension“ Leila Rhodes is a Pittsburgh based singer, producer and guitarist who created her recently released debut full-length album Attunement solo but has since been playing her songs with a band made up of Ty […]

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First/Last – The Middle Room

“…reminiscent of your lonely Emo days“ The Middle Room is a Pop-Punk/Emo quartet from Pittsburgh. They popped onto the scene at the beginning of 2020 and haven’t let up since, releasing 4 singles throughout the year and a 7 track debut EP at the beginning of November entitled Never Satisfied. Their main interests include goofing […]

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First/Last – The Anti-Psychotics

“Ever feel negative and shitty and absolutely hate everything. to the point you just want to piss everyone off. This is for you.“ The Anti-Psychotics formed around 2010 in Ford City, Pennsylvania as a four piece with two guitar, bass and drums. The band has three song writers in Ian, Mike and Eric. They released three […]

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