Cowboy Junkies Friday June 10, 2005 Three Rivers Arts Festival Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Brad Yoder

Southern Rain/Cause Cheap Is How I Feel/Shining Moon/Common Disaster/License To Kill/Brothers Under The Bridge/Bread And Wine
The Water Is Wide/Floorboard Blues/Dragging Hooks (River Song Trilogy: Part III)/I Saw Your Shoes/Good Friday/Now I Know/One

Encore: Sweet Jane

Thanks to Chuck for the setlist

So we head down to Point State Park for a free show and the skies are threatening to open up. Normally I wouldn't give a shit. What's a little rain, right? When I'm holding a six hundred dollar camera, the pussy in me prevails. As the band comes on I snag a few shitty shots and head for decent cover in case it rains. The cover? The beer garden across the street, baby! The sound is perfectly audible and sitting at a relaxing table is the way to enjoy the show tonight. The Cowboy Junkies aren't the most visually stimulating act anyway but they sure do sound good tonight. More rockin' than I expected.

A little rain came late in the set. Not enough to keep the crowd away.

I missed opener Brad Yoder. He was nice enough to give me and autograph his handwritten setlist.

Margo Timmins and Alan Anton autographed Lay It Down CD cover

The devoted crowded around Margo for some siggy love.

More thorough review from The Cowboy Junkies message board:

I had some qualms about heading to the "nearby" Three Rivers Arts Festival, it being an outdoor show, with scattered thunderstorms in the forecast. However, the emphasis seemed to be on "scattered", and Mother Nature has kept the skies clear for the handful of previous outdoor Junkies shows I've attended, and has also kept the roads snow and ice free in times and places where one faces the prospect of hazardous driving. In short, I admitted to myself what my subconscious pleasure centers already knew: I was going to see Cowboy Junkies again.

Conditions were more than a bit on the oppressive side, though. I don't have numbers, but it seemed very hot and very humid. I'd planned to wander around the artists' stalls and other entertainers and exhibits, but just after locating the stage, I decided I had enough of the heat and made a beeline for an air conditioned restaurant where I had dinner and three big glasses of ice water, plus a margarita with salt on the rim (strictly for purposes of maintaining electrolyte balance ).

It cooled off a bit by the time I made it back to the stage, where Brad Yoder was warming up. He played acoustic guitar and was accompanied by an acoustic bass player. (Shades of Tim Easton, eh? He was OK, but I liked Tim Easton's songs more, and there was nothing like Tim and Chris Burney's knockout performance of "Old Jabo".)

Wish I could have seen Inara George again!

I wasn't really expecting a stellar show, it being an outdoor, free festival performance sandwiched between very long drives. However, I was very pleased and almost surprised at how much I enjoyed it. "Southern Rain" served as a good opener (sort of an anti-rain dance), and I thought Mike and Jeff really tore it up on "Shining Moon", "Common Disaster", "Dragging Hooks", and another song I didn't expect to hear. I thought Margo sounded good!

I'd like to see them somehow rework that instrumental portion of "Cheap"; Jaro's absence leaves such a hole there.

The set was nicely crafted. I enjoyed hearing "License to Kill" in a different slot (wish they'd do the same for "Sweet Jane"). Fine versions of "The Water is Wide" and "Floorboard Blues" were in stark contrast to a raucous "Dragging Hooks", which sort of segued into a song I hadn't heard in a while. My enjoyment carried over to a great version of "Good Friday", a song I'm usually somewhat indifferent to. They eased out of the main set with two soft numbers.

I could be wrong, but I thought I heard someone else yell "AL" at the appropriate moment. At any rate, whether it was just me or not, it got a surprised, amused reaction from Margo.

Aside from some inconsequential drops, the rain held off most of the evening. It began to rain at the end of the show, so "Miles" was axed from the encore. (As it turned out, they should have called the rain's bluff.)

Oh, yeah...I don't know if it was planned or not, but the color scheme of Margo's flowers perfectly matched the color scheme of the "21st Century Blues" backdrop.



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