Deadstring Brothers Thursday November 15, 2007 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Brown Bird, Boca Chica

Deadstring Brothers: Ain't No Hidin' Love/For A Time/Toe The Line/Queen Of The Scene/If You Want Me To/Tenessee Sure Enough/
I'm Not A Stealer/Blindfolded/Rollin' Blues/Heavy Load/The Light Shines Within/Talkin' Born Blues/Sacred Heart

When Deadstring Brothers come to town I am there. Having two good bands also on the bill makes it even better.

Brown Bird out of Boston via Portland are a quiet acoustic act that showcase David Lamb's haunting vocals. I was really enjoying them. A friend of my brother's described their sound as 'cousin-fucking' music, whatever the hell that means.

Next up was Pittsburgh's Boca Chica. I have been hearing about them for what seems like a couple years now and finally had the chance to see them. Very laid back vibe highlighting singer-songwriter Hallie Pritts music. It's very exciting to know that Pittsburgh is developing a decent local music scene with several talented bands popping up and to realize the support that they give each other is fantastic.

Cool band. I am looking forward to seeing them many, many times.

Finally Deadstring Brothers closed out the night with their usually fun, rocking set. Third time seeing them and still no 'Where Are All My Friends' request honored! Someday Kurt, someday. It was kinda' disheartening to see Masha in an obvious bad mood during the night. She was pissed at something/someone and was letting it be known. Even dropping hints that she was leaving the band, this would be the last time seeing her, she wouldn't be in the band in the spring when they tour again, ect. Bummer. I really like her role in the band. Hopefully it passes and she will reconsider.

Brown Bird autographed Such Unrest CD cover

Hallie Pritts autographed Boca Chica  Transform Into Beasts CD cover

Kurt Marschke hand-written Deadstring Brothers setlist

Deadstring Brothers autographed Silver Mountain CD cover

Deadstring Brothers autographed print

Deadstring Brothers, Boca Chica, and Brown Bird autographed flyer

Deadstring Brothers Friday May 4, 2007 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Matt Mays & El Torpedo

Matt Mays autographed ticket stub

Matt Mays & El Torpedo: Building A Boat/Travellin'/What Are We Gonna Do Come The Month Of September?/Move Your Mind/Tall Trees/City Of Lakes/Silver Bullet/Cocaine Cowboy

Deadstring Brothers: Toe The Line/Get Up Jake/For A Time/I'm Not A Stealer/Heavy Load/From A Buick 6/Blind Folded/Queen Of The DRB/Sacred Heart

Encore: You Look Like The Devil

I had just seen both of these bands in Pittsburgh for the first time within the last few months as openers on separate occasions for bands I could give a shit about (Will Hoge/Shooter Jennings). Having them come together as co-headliners was somewhat of a mini-dream bill for me. I was STOKED, baby!

MM&ET opened the night and did not disappoint. They are soooo good at playing that rock. Some have criticized the band for being a tad jammy in places but I didn't notice. Hell, I practically grew up on the Dead, so I guess these ears are somewhat used to the jammity-jam-jams.

With the departure of long-time guitarist Jarrett Murphy (I saw his last-ever show with the group), the band couldn't oblige my request for 'Stand Down At Sundown'-sniff. They were able to honor my pleas for 'City of Lakes' though-saweet!

Matt & Co. are extremely nice and humble guys. Talking to their tour manager, it's boggling to know that in their native Canada eh, they can easily fill a 1000+ room and here they play to 30 people. I hope they make a concerted drive to break in the states. They definitely deserve it.


Matt Mays autographed print (Matt LOVED the art)

I am in love with the Deadstring Brothers. Their two discs are in heavy rotation in my house and I think they put on a hell of a show. I was totally plastered during their opening slot for Shooter and tonight I was a designated driver so they were really sounding good to me. They also had a band re-configuration with the departure of Ross Westerbur and Philip Skarich, so again my request for 'Where Are All My Friends?' go unanswered. Kurt promises me next time he'll play the fucking thing solo.

This is one fun-time party band. My brother wasn't the designated driver and he was getting nice and buzzed. After 'Blindfolded' he blathered out to the band, "Hey, you guys sound just like 'Sticky Fingers-era Stones'!" Coming from him that's an extreme compliment, and he truly meant it that way. The band, who probably are kinda tired of the comparison, didn't seem thankful. In fact Masha gave him a look like she wanted to cut off his nads and shove them down his throat. Funny stuff.

A band could be playing Tunisian children's lullabies with a pedal steel in the mix and they would still sound good. Spencer rocks on the thing.



Kurt Marschke hand-written Deadstring Brothers setlist

Deadstring Brothers and Matt Mays & El Torpedo autographed flyer

Killer night. My camera and I are still in the getting to know each other phase and it will be awhile till I get to second base but the pics are still a little better than before.

Deadstring Brothers supporting Shooter Jennings Saturday November 11, 2006 Rex Theater Pittsburgh, PA

Talkin' Born Blues/Toe The Line/Get Up Jake/I'm Not A Stealer/27 Hours/Blindfolded/'Til The Bleeding Stops/Lonely Days/Sacred Heart

I was really looking forward to this show. I discovered the Deadstring Brothers late last year when they appeared on a Bloodshot Records comp. I played that song, 'Where Are All My Friends?' relentlessly and when they released their new full length earlier this year I quickly picked it up and played the fuck out of it. Waiting almost a year, they finally announced a Pittsburgh date (albeit opening for Shooter, beggars can't be choosers). I've heard some talk of the band not delivering live, which is total bullshit. They were totally great, and sounded just as good, if not better, than on record.

I got ha-ha-HAMMERED at this show and during most of Shooter's set, bugged Masha at the merch table. I'm sure she was happy spending the night with a blathering drunken buffoon, but she couldn't have been more nice. I was even promised a 'Where Are All My Friends?' (which they have never performed live) the next time they roll into town.

Shooter and his band were all right. I was too blitzed to really give a shit. Damn, did my pics turn out crappy.

I was so fucked up, I couldn't tell him apart from his guitar player. I have dozens of shots of the dude thinking he was Shooter.

Deadstring Brothers autographed Starving Winter Report CD cover


Deadstring Brothers autographed print


Shooter Jennings autographed print


Deadstring Brothers and Shooter Jennings autographed show flyer


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