The Deliberate Strangers Sunday August 13, 2006 Ellsworth Street Fair Pittsburgh, PA

Jesus Roll The Dice/422/Empty Basket/Prodigal Son/Deanne/Raise The Roof/Time Of Need/Powerball/Chain Smoking/Daisy Dukes/Drinking For Two/Low Down To The Bone

The Deliberate Strangers have been kicking around in obscurity for several years now and while I've heard of them, I never saw them proper. I was chillaxin' at home when my brother called and informed me that they were playing the Shadyside Arts Fest this afternoon. Being probably the nicest day of the year, I was there. Having gone through a political power struggle the last few years, the fest was divided between visual arts on Walnut street and performing arts on Ellsworth street several blocks away. We hit the Walnut half and immediately left due to the insane overcrowded scene. Thankfully, the Ellsworth fair was not crowded at all. In fact it was dead. There were about 100 chairs set up in front of the stage with maybe a dozen or so people enjoying the show.

The band put on a nice hour long set of acoustic hellpunk blues. Music about murder, drinking and Jesus + bright sunshine + cold drafts of Yuengling = the perfect Sunday afternoon.

Miss Stephanie hand-written setlist

The Deliberate Strangers autographed Outlaw Writer's Tour: Live In WV CD cover

The Deliberate Strangers autographed flyer

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