Dios Tuesday July 3, 2007 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Seymore Saves The World

Long, Long, Long/No Is Wrong/Bust Out The Candy/I Feel Fine All The Time/Hermit/Staring At The Sun/You Got Me All Wrong/No Dance Now/L8R SK8R

My boys in dios are returning to Pittsburgh on their current tour. I am surprised and elated that they are stopping here. I get to the club early maybe to hang with the guys to party a bit and find it a ghost town. I ask the promoter if the band is showing up or not? He says they are on their way. I ask him how many tickets were sold in advance? He says very cooly, "Three." Yikes! I know that Joel was DJ-ing in New York that morning so my hopes aren't exactly raised that they will indeed show up. Twenty minutes after doors my buddy Justin shows up. It's me, him and Seymore Saves The World. Talk about a private concert.

I never heard of these guys before and apparently neither did anyone else in Pittsburgh. They weren't bad at all and my heart goes out to bands playing an empty house. What a life. The dios gang are still a no show during their set. This doesn't look good. Miraculously, they show up right as SSTW takes the final gear from the stage. 

Seymore Saves The World autographed Scott Hefte hand-written setlist

It literally takes them ten minutes to begin and with no soundcheck (just like last time) the mix is very muddy. They throw out The Beatles' 'Long, Long, Long' in my honor and I settle in for a fun night.

They play a few new tunes and a couple from the last album and I go to take a piss. I am in the bathroom when I hear 'L8R SK8R' end and a "Goodnight" from the stage. What? C'mon, fellas. I am kinda' indisposed to plead for a couple more and...that's it. They drove seven hours, played a half hour set, and were driving right back to Manhattan as soon as they loaded the van. Damn, rock and roll is a bitch. A little dios is better than none at all I suppose.

Here's a taste of what their set was like

dios and Seymore Saves The World autographed Club Cafe poster

To add insult to injury, it's announced the band is coming back to Pittsburgh in a month to open for TV On The Radio and guess who's going to be out of town on vacation? Until next time, my brother.

dios malos supporting matt pond PA Wednesday February 15, 2006 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

No Dance Now/Starting Five/Grrrl.../I Want It All/All Said + Done/You Got Me All Wrong/I Feel Fine All The Time/EPK/Feels Good Being Somebody/Later Skater*

*-dedicated to your truly!

* The Following Is A Special Announcement To All Hughshows Readers: My camera sucks da ass!! *

The main reason I try to get a nice close view of the performers during a show is because if my camera is any more than ten feet from a subject, the shots look like fucking polaroids, as was the case with this night. (More on that later).

Waiting in line outside the venue, I notice that there are dozens of people still in the club from the early show. I guess Club Cafe's new policy is to let attendees from the previous show stick around and take all the good seats for the late show. They were even letting these folks go outside and smoke their spliffs and letting them back in. I wish I would have known that before I wasted an hour or so standing in line. I did get to chat with Matt and his band so it wasn't a total pain in the ass. My boys dios roll up and try to get me in on their guest list. The doorman wasn't having it saying that they didn't get a guest list being openers and all. I said I already have a ticket but this guy must hate me or something because he still won't let me in. He probably doesn't like all the business I give him? It wasn't too crowded to let his buddies worm in though. Whatever. I do snag a second row seat which isn't too bad. dios put on a great performance that was somewhat marred by a shitty sound mix. The genius behind the board couldn't mix a fucking drink let alone a decent sound level for the guys. Joel's vocals did shine through. Man, can he sing. After dios' set they invite to the green room to chill during matt pond's set. These dudes are super cool and really fun to hang with. After about an hour the club's waitress comes in to clean up a bit and notices me and starts freaking out saying I can't be here. She starts babbling something about insurance risks and I am not an employee and the PLCB and what the fuck? Unbelievable. Calm down, I'll leave. The band say later that when they make it "Death-Cab-For-Cutie big" I'll be allowed to party with them anywhere. I go back to my table and listen to the rest of matt pond's set.

They have their own mixing guy with them and sound really good. They state on their tour blog that that was the last time they will play Club Cafe. They don't say why but it's either because the place was crazy packed on a weeknight late show and about fifty people waiting in line were turned away, or the folks who run the joint aren't the coolest bunch. Who knows. People with a smidget of power can sometimes let it go to their heads. 

dios malos (sans Kevin Morales) autographed self titled debut CD cover

Matt Pond hand-written setlist

Matt Pond autographed Several Arrows Later CD cover

matt pond PA autographed print

matt pond pa and dios malos (sans Joel "I shouldn't have partied that hard yesterday, I'm crashing in the van" Morales) autographed show flyer



dios malos Tuesday November 1, 2005 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Afterdrama

No Dance Now/Feels Good Being Somebody/Grrrl.../EPK/All Of My Love Intro>You Got Me All Wrong/All Said + Done/I Want It All/Old Field Recordings/Starting Five/I Feel Fine All The Time/Later Skater

dios malos (touring line-up) autographed ticket stub

Sweet show at a sparsely occupied Club Cafe. What a shame 'cause this band definitely deserves more notice.

Local openers Afterdrama were these upstarty kids who had that EMO/"insert lame dime-a-dozen shitty MTV junk band here" vibe to them. I thought I would be ready to fucking kill someone as I heard them soundchecking, but to my total amazement I liked them. Not quit my job and follow them, tattoo their logo on my face like them, but they fullfilled their support duties quite effectively.

dios malos hit the stage as the other opener Swords were nowhere to be found. We did see them ride by the club and keep going minutes before dios began. A few days later they left the tour outright due to the ever popular "van troubles" scenario. All the better. More Swords = less dios.

Playing a tight set, the guys played mainly from their latest eponymous sophomore release. Gentleman Jim Camaro, the band's keyboard player, was back in California and stepping up was Ed. Talking to him, and the other guys for that matter, I really got to give it to independent musicians who travel the country in a smelly van, eating shitty food, with four or five other people (including merch babes) playing shows to audiences of maybe a dozen or so night in and night out. The perseverance is commendable. That's the main reason that I sometimes bring DVD's or CD's, or my silly little drawings to bands. They seem to appreciate it. 

dios malos (sans Kevin Morales) autographed eponymous debut CD

dios malos autographed eponymous sophomore CD cover

dios malos autographed show flyer

dios malos autographed prints I produced. I made two and liked them both so fuck it.

These guys were really nice. I would love to see this band again. Chances are slim since not many showed up for this gig but we'll see.


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