The Early Years

I was born on  Sunday June 18th, 1967 in Pittsburgh, PA

The Summer Of Love

2746.5 miles away at the moment of my birth (approximating the time zone difference), Jimi Hendrix was burning his guitar at The Monterey International Pop Festival. A good omen I must say!

Monterey International Pop Festival Day Three Sunday June 18, 1967 Monterey, CA

Ravi Shankar
  Raga Bhimpalasi/Tabla Solo In Ektal/Dhun (Dadra And Fast Teental)
Blues Project 
  Wake Me/Shake Me/Flute Song
Big Brother & The Holding Company 
 Combination Of The Two/Coo Coo/Ball And Chain/Hairy

The Group With No Name
Buffalo Springfield 
 For What Itís Worth/A Childís Claim To Fame/Pretty Girl Why/Nowadays Clancy Canít Even Sing/Rock And Roll Woman/Bluebird
The Who
Substitute/Summertime Blues/Pictures Of Lily/A Quick One/Happy Jack/My Generation
Grateful Dead 
 Viola Lee Blues/Cold Rain & Snow/Alligator >Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
 Killing Floor/Foxy Lady/Like a Rolling Stone/Rock Me Baby/Hey Joe/Can You See Me/The Wind Cries Mary/Purple Haze/Wild Thing
Mamas & The Papas 
  San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)*/Straight Shooter/Got A Feeliní/California Dreaminí/I Call Your Name/Spanish Harlem/Somebody Groovy/Monday Monday/Dancing In The Street
*with Scott McKenzie


As a side note, also born on June 18 was Paul McCartney. Every year I wake up and crank 'Birthday' off the White Album.

Let's start at the beginning, my first show.

(Not counting Steve Martin on the "Wild And Crazy Guy" tour with John Sebastian opening.)

The Eagles Thursday October 18, 1979 Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA

Hotel California/Already Gone/In The City/Doolin-Dalton>Desperado/Lyiní Eyes/I Canít Tell You Why/ Desperado/Heartache Tonight/One Of These Nights/
Turn To Stone/Lifeís Been Good/Life In The Fast Lane/Rocky Mountain Way/All Night Long


I really don't remember a whole lot about this show ( I was 12) except that they came onstage and started ' Hotel California' when some enthusiastic partyers  in the front were causing a disturbance. The band stopped playing and the house lights came on. Then this HUGE dude who looked liked Rasputin came out and stood at the lip of the stage and stared these people down big time. After a few minutes the band started again. My dad took me to the first concerts I attended. He was getting a little tired and we left before the encore. Years later he told me his reason for leaving early was he thought the guys in the band were drunk.

Wow! Even back then those mothers were charging too much for a ticket. I PERSONALLY blame  Mr. Don Henley and Mr. Glen Frey for the outrageous ticket prices now raping the modern day concert-goer. How dare you charge hundreds of dollars for a ticket. With that kind of money I better get a show, an autograph, and ten minutes in Heaven with your first born. Hell Freezes Over my ass. Dicks!


My dad is now a limo driver. One day he got a call to pick up Don Henley at a Pittsburgh hotel and drive him to the airport. His security guard/personal manager asked my dad before Henley's arrival if he was a music fan and if he had any questions for Mr. Henley. My dad said as a matter of fact there is. In the song 'Lyin' Eyes', he wanted to know the meaning behind the lyric:

She gets up and pours herself a strong one 
and stares down at the stars up in the sky.

The manager said O.K. and minutes later Mr. Henley gets in the car (wearing some ridiculous fake beard) and they drive to the airport. Halfway there my dad nudges the manager and asks him well, what about my question? The guy says, sorry, Mr. Henley doesn't feel like talking today. My dad looks at him incredulously and says, "Oh, Yeah? Fuck him!" as he's in the back seat listening. The flabbergasted manager says what did you just say? My dad reiterates, "Fuck him!" Not a word was spoken the rest of the way. My dad's boss asked him if he told Mr. Henley to fuck off. My dad said you bet I did, the prick deserved it.

Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band Friday June 6, 1980 Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Point Blank

Feel Like A Number/Nine Tonight/You'll Accompany Me/Still The Same/Mainstreet/
Old Time Rock & Roll/Against The Wind/Her Strut/Horizontal Bop/Fire Lake/
Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight/We've Got Tonite/Turn The Page/Fire Down Below/
Ramblin' Gamblin' Man/Katmandu/Night Moves/Hollywood Nights/Rock & Roll Never Forgets/Let It Rock

Reprint from The Pittsburgh Press Saturday June 7, 1980

We ran into Bob on a hotel elevator before the show. My dad yelled out to him, "Hey Bob, my son's a big fan. He plays your music every morning before school." His reply was, " I hope he plays the ballads."


Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band Sunday November 30, 1980 Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA 

Prove It All Night/Two Hearts/10th. Ave. Freeze-Out/Darkness On The Edge Of Town/Factory/
Independence Day/Jackson Cage/Promised Land/Out In The Street/Racing In The Street/The River/
Badlands/Thunder Road/Cadillac Ranch/Sherry Darling/Hungry Heart/Fire/Candy's Room/
Because The Night/I Wanna Marry You/Growin' Up/Stolen Car/ Wreck On The Highway/Point Blank/
The Ties That Bind/Ramrod/You Can Look/Backstreets/Rosalita/Jungleland/Born To Run/Detroit Medley

Reprint from The Pittsburgh Post Gazette Monday December 1, 1980

The above photos from Friday November 28, 1980 Madison Square Garden New York City, NY courtesy Kevin Papa.

WOW!! I was blown away at what a live show could be like. He didn't stop! My dad was jumping up dancing in his seat. He later blamed his behavior on the man next to him smoking a "reefer".  I was so excited that night just feeding off his energy. I was hooked.

Check out Kevin's website here.



Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band Tuesday June 7 1983 Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Little River Band

Feel Like A Number/Tryin' To Live My Life Without You/Roll Me Away/Old Time Rock & Roll/
Makin' Thunderbirds/Shame On The Moon/House Behind A House/Even Now/Against The Wind/
Her Strut/Horizontal Bop/Betty Lou Gettin' Out Tonight/Love's The Last To Know/Turn The Page/
Ramblin' Gamblin' Man/Katmandu/Night Moves/Hollywood Nights/Fortunate Son

I was fortunate that my father was taking me to these concerts. He was exposing me to something I would grow to appreciate very much. 

Reprint from The Pittsburgh Post Gazette 'Weekend' Magazine Friday September 21, 1980

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band Friday September 21, 1984 Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA

Born In The USA/Out In The Street/10th. Ave. Freeze-Out/Atlantic City/Johnny 99/Reason To Believe/
Mansion On The Hill/I'm Going Down/ Darlington County/Glory Days/Promised Land/My Hometown/
Trapped/Badlands/Thunder Road/Hungry Heart/Dancing In The Dark/Cadillac Ranch/Sherry Darling/
Point Blank/Cover Me/Pink Cadillac/Bobby Jean/Racing In The Street/Rosalita/Jungleland/
Born To Run/Street Fighting Man/Twist And Shout/Detroit Medley

Once again he put on a great show and was able to appreciate most of the songs since I had been a "fan" since 1980.

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band Sunday August 11, 1985 Three Rivers Studium Pittsburgh, PA  

Born In The USA/Badlands/Out In The Street/Johnny 99/Seeds/Atlantic City/The River
Working On The Highway/Trapped/Darlington County/Glory Days/Promised Land
 My Hometown/ Thunder Road/Cover Me/Dancing In The Dark/Hungry Heart/Cadillac Ranch
Downbound Train/I'm On Fire/Pink Cadillac/Bobby Jean/This Land Is Your Land
 Born To Run/Ramrod/Twist And Shout/Sherry Darling

Once again, it was a good show. My Dad insisted I go with him (he was payin'), even though my first Dead Show was one month prior. But something turned for me that night. For the first time I left my dad and went out on my own during a show. The stadium was such an impersonal venue and the acoustics were a nightmare. I remember him playing 'I'm On Fire' and all the little girls screaming.  I would end up seeing a few shows there, including U2 (Joshua Tree, ZooTV), The Rolling Stones (Steel Wheels, Voodoo Lounge), Pink Floyd (Momentary Lapse Of Reason, Division Bell), The Who ('The Kids Are Allright Tour '89) and The Grateful Dead ('90, '95). I was "independent" at a concert and never looked back.


I failed to mention (for good reason) that I went and saw Kenny Loggins in the early 80's. I try not to think about that much.


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