Emily Rodgers & Her Majesty's Stars Saturday March 19, 2005 Quiet Storm Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Kevin Finn (Last Night On Earth), Emily Gropp (poetry)

Winter/Danny/No Way Out/Alone/Going Away/Lay You Down/Last Call

In trying to make a conscious effort to see more local bands, the wife and I enjoyed a relaxed, relatively inexpensive (NOT counting pre-show stops at Kaya and Lot 17) night out for Emily Rodgers' CD release show. I've been to Quiet Storm three times for shows and this night it was packed. There was a SRO crowd enjoying the festivities. People were even sitting on the floor in front of the stage.

First up was Kevin Finn playing a couple John Fahey-esque ditties. His brother joined him on keys for a couple of tunes and although it was seriously "lo-fi", it was actually very good.

Next up was Emily Gropp and her poetry. Now, I'm not the biggest fan, or by any means an expert on poetry, so the nicest thing I can say is no comment. I felt a little bad for her because while most in the house were attentive and appreciative, there were several people in the back of the room who were quite loud in their conversation kinda killin' the mood. Dicks.

Lastly, Emily Rodgers played a couple of solo tunes (accompanied by Kevin Finn on the last couple) before bringing her band out and playing her entire disc. There is a lot to be said for someone to write and perform their own original music. I was glad to see a nice crowd supporting her efforts.

Emily Rodgers handwritten setlist

Kevin Finn autographed Last Night On Earth's The Lion's Den CD cover

Emily Rodgers & Her Majesty's Stars autographed eponymous debut CD

Emily Rodgers autographed Emily Rodger's & Her Majesty's Stars CD cover



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