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The Essex Green Saturday June 24, 2006 The Andy Warhol Museum Pittsburgh, PA

This Isn't Farmlife/Don't Know Why (You Stay)/Penny & Jack/Snakes In The Grass/Sin City/Cardinal Points

I was really digging The Essex Green's new release Cannibal Sea and was happy that they finally announced a Pittsburgh date. Part of the annual World Cafe tapings at The Andy Warhol museum, the bands put on a free show a block away that night. My plan was to hit the free performance then boogie over to catch Calexico. So, Gomez announce that they will be doing an in studio performance at WYEP and I quickly sign up. They quickly cancel the in studio and in return I am offered two free passes to a taping of the World Cafe of my choice (plus a free Gomez disc thrown in for good measure). Cool. Now, the taping was nice. Intimate crowd, interview segment, incredible sound... paying $15 for it? I don't think so. I am glad we got in free.

David Dye is one knowledgeable dude. I run into him later that night at Calexico and we bullshit for a good half hour during technical delays. Throwing out bands to him was quite fun. He's never heard of Norfolk & Western? David...I thought you knew your shit, man?

It strictly stated that no cameras were allowed in the taping because, " can be distracting to the performers." C'mon, it's rock and roll people. Anyway, I brought my camera just in case and sure enough people started flashing away. Fuck it, when in Rome.

Turns out that guitarist Jeff Baron is a hometown boy (swiggin I.C. light). There were a significant amount of family and friends in audience. Really nifty little performance.

Photos courtesy WYEP-FM

Sasha Bell hand-written setlist

The Essex Green autographed Cannibal Sea CD insert

The Essex Green autographed print


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