Fountains Of Wayne Sunday July 25, 2004 Hartwood Acres Ampitheater Pittsburgh, PA

w/ The Breakup Society

I've Got Flair/It Must Be Summer/Denise/No Better Place/Red Dragon Tattoo/Hackensack/Hey Julie/Valley Winter Song/Stacey's Mom/Mexican Wine/Bright Future In Sales/Barbara H./Radiation Vibe>"Tease" Medley*>Radiation Vibe/Survival Car

Encore: Bought For A Song/Leave The Biker/Sink To The Bottom

* "Tease" Medley: Jet Airliner>Carry On Our Wayward Son>Back In Black>Have A Drink On Me>Double Vision>Let's Go>Life's Been Good>Sharp Dressed Man

FOW frontman Chris Collingwood

Another free show at Hartwood Acres. Hanging out with friends. Drinking beer. Guessing the setlist (Joe West, setlist king!) Oh yeah, the music wasn't bad either. The merch guy told me the band had to immediately leave after the show to catch a flight to Japan to begin an Asian tour, so there wouldn't be any "meet and greet" sessions after the concert. Dicks.

Cover of The Pittsburgh Post Gazette Weekend Mag Friday July 23, 2004

Review From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Tuesday July 27, 2004

Fountains Of Wayne

'Stacy's Mom' is the only current hit single that will be played during the Hartwood Acres season, and the reaction was as you'd expect.

Fountains Of Wayne got the crowd at Hartwood Acres moving Sunday night with their hit 'Stacy's Mom.'

As soon as Fountains Of Wayne hit that Cars-like intro Sunday night, kids of all sizes came rushing down the grassy hill toward the stage, joining the core fans in jumping up and down to the bright chorus.

It was all very un-Hartwood-like.

When it was over, many of them went back to their blankets. But why? The next song and second single, 'Mexican Wine,' was just about as catchy, and so was the one after that.

In fact, the whole set was outstanding. Fountains Of Wayne showed its range as a power-pop band that can turn folky with a simple switch to acoustic. After coming on strong with songs like 'I've Got a Flair' and 'No Better Place,' Chris Collingwood, the band's smooth singer, eased into a mini-set of 'Hackensack,' 'Hey Julie' and 'Winter Valley Song,' recalling the best melodic '60s folk-rock.

"This is the Lilith Fair," Collingwood joked.

The New York band then cranked it up for the rest of the set, delivering such rockers as 'Bought for a Song' and 'Bright Future in Sales' with lush harmonies and a combination of jangly and chunky guitar. 'Barbara H.,' a song that makes reference to the radio "playing the same song," was a well-placed lead-in to a perfectly played medley that teased 'Jet Airliner,' 'Carry On Wayward Son' and 'Let's Go,' among others.

In the end, whether you were Stacy or Stacy's mom, anyone who wondered if there was more to Fountains Of Wayne than a novelty single got her answer on Sunday night.

A fitting opener, The Breakup Society, headed by the PG's Ed Masley, didn't slow down for much, bashing out a set of clever songs such as 'Dressing Room' and 'The New Ronnie Spector' with loud guitars and no shortage of enthusiasm.

-- Review by Scott Mervis.


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