Grant Lee Phillips Sunday August 6, 2006 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

Grant Lee Phillips autographed ticket stub

Under The Milky Way/Calamity Jane/St. Expedite/Jupiter And Teardrop/Mona Lisa/Whish I Knew/Bethlehem Steel/Mighty Joe Moon/Josephine Of The Swamps/Wave Of Mutilation/Honey, Don't Think/Arousing Thunder/City Of Refuge/Rock Of Ages/Lady Godiva And Me/Age Of Consent/Shallow End/Pale Blue Eyes/Demon Called Deception/Lily-A-Passion/Lonestar Song/Love My Way/Mockingbirds/Far End Of The Night/Truly, Truly/Fuzzy

Fantastic show. No opener (makes such a difference!). 26 songs! I couldn't believe the length of the show and the selections he was playing. Hitting every album of his career, he played most of my favorites ('St. Expedite', 'Rock Of Ages',  'Lily-A-Passion') and some songs I didn't really like before which sounded sweet ('Bethlehem Steel', 'Shallow End', 'Wish I Knew'). Even the cover tunes sounded decent. He bopped into the club before the show and grabbed something from the stage. I whispered, "Lady Godiva!" to him and he turned around smiling. During a pause in the show, I said it again and he smiled and asked the audience if they wanted to hear it. Thankfully, they approved (with my help!) and after ten years of seeing him I finally got to hear 'Lady Godiva And Me'. Fucking awesome. (Still on my wish list: 'You Just Have To Be Crazy', 'Goodnight John Dee', 'Lonesome Serenade'). Now, don't get me wrong, he sounded super with just him acoustic and Kevin Jarvis on subdued skins but more than a few times during the show ('Mockingbirds', 'Jupiter And Teardrop', 'Lone Star Song') I was dying to hear him hit a pedal and rip into a searing solo like the old days. Still little to complain about with this night.

Grant Lee Phillips autographed Storm Hymnal: Gems From The Vault CD cover

Grant Lee Phillips autographed drawing


Grant Lee Phillips autographed print

Grant Lee Phillips and Kevin Jarvis autographed flyer

GLP and John Doe autographed poster for two nights later

Grant Lee Phillips/John Doe Saturday June 5, 2004 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

GLP autographed ticket stub

Arousing Thunder/Calamity Jane/Dirty Secret/Mighty Joe Moon/Flaming Shoe/Mona Lisa/Lily-A-Passion/Josephine Of The Swamps/Mockingbirds/Honey, Don't Think*/Hickory Wind*/Silver Wings*/Truly, Truly, Truly*/Race Is On*/The Hook*/The Shining Hour*

*w/ John Doe

This show was completely sold out. I happened to buy the last remaining ticket. The place was so crowded that people were standing three rows deep near the back. Fuck that. Since I went alone I parked myself right in a speaker cabinet on the stage. Grant Lee came out and did a 45 minute solo acoustic set. He dedicated 'Mona Lisa' to Smarty Jones. As always he was very talkative and funny. Then John Doe came out and they played a few songs together. Then John played a 45 minute set. Then the two played together for a half hour. I don't have John Doe's setlist because I am not familiar with his work but he certainly impressed me and he seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

Grant Lee Phillips autographed hand-written setlist

Grant Lee Phillips autographed Virginia Creeper CD cover

John Doe, Kristen Hersh, and Grant Lee Phillips autographed tour poster

The Exile Follies Thursday September 26, 2002 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

John Doe

White Girl/Trouble-with KH

Kristen Hersh

Your Dirty Answer/37 Hours/Gazebo Tree/Tar Kissers/Spain/Cuckoo/Hook In Her Head 

Panic Pure*/Your Ghost*/Heavenly*/Sleepless Lake*-with GLP*

Photo courtesy Feralboy

Grant Lee Phillips

Arousing Thunder/Mighty Joe Moon/Fuzzy/Honey, Don't Think/St. Expedite


Silver Wings/Ring Of Fire Parody/See How We Are/Sugar Mountain/I Shall Be Released/When The Levee Breaks

from The MHz presents... Studio Saturday September 21, 2002 Falls Church, VA

Grant Lee Phillips autographed Copperopolis CD cover and Homespun CD-single cover

O.K., so Grant tours with John Doe of X, and Kristen Hersh of Throwing Muses. Who cares about them. More performers means less Grant. They do this rotating performance thing where they each play a set and join each other for a couple tunes then play together at the end. It wasn't too bad actually. Not knowing any of their tunes, Kristen (who was several months pregnant) was actually very good. The thing I realized was that if Club Cafe was crowded and you didn't get there early you ended up standing three people deep in front of the bar or worse sitting at the bar with several people standing in front of you. Fuck this! Grant came on and I walked right up and sat down in front of the stage during his set. Sure, I got a lot of looks but who cares. This other guy did the same for Kristen's set and the idiot starts smoking, RIGHT IN HER PREGNANT FACE! She actually stops and tells him to put it out. People are tools. Grant as always was great.

Check out this guys pics from that night

Grant Lee Phillips Saturday November 3, 2001 Rosebud Pittsburgh, PA

Grant Lee Phillips autographed ticket stub

Arousing Thunder/Humankind/We All Get A Taste/Spring Released/See America/All That I Have/Bill Bonk Intro/Love's A Mystery/Mighty Joe Moon/Honey Don't Think/Mockingbirds/Rock Of Ages/Truly, Truly 

Encore: Lone Star Song/Happiness/Fuzzy/Dixie Drug Store

Grant Lee Phillips autographed Ladies' Love Oracle and Mobilize CD cover (notice the "Duchampian" urinal!)

Not the first time I met Grant but this show was such a treat. My wife and I had the best evening with dinner and great music. There was a drunk couple next to us babbling during the show and the next day on a message board I mentioned them and this idiot responds and says that it was him and the next time he runs into me he going to kick my ass. What a loser.

Jubilee t-shirt front

Grant Lee Buffalo Saturday August 29, 1998 Rosebud Pittsburgh, PA

Grant Lee Phillips autographed ticket stub

APB/Change Your Tune/Seconds/Testimony/Fine, How'd Ya Do
Bethlehem Steel/Mockingbirds/Honey, Don't Think/The Hook/Lone Star Song
Jupiter and Teardrop/Superslomotion/My, My, My/Truly, Truly

Encore: Mighty Joe Moon/Fuzzy/Dixie Drug Store

This was my first full blown Grant Lee Buffalo show. The best venue in the city hosting my all-time favorite band. A bunch of enthusiastic frat boys were chanting "GLB!" and "Joey! Joey!" to an amused band.

Back of my Copperopolis shirt

Grant Lee Phillips autographed Jubilee postcard

Photos courtesy Bamm

Grant Lee Phillips autographed ticket stub

Grant Lee Buffalo supporting Ultralounge  Friday May 15, 1998 The 9:30 Club Washington D.C.

w/ Tommy Keene, Semisonic, Daniel Lanois w/ Emmylou Harris, Scott Weiland

APB/Change Your Tune/Testimony/Bethlehem Steel/Drag
Jupiter And Teardrop/Mockingbirds/Honey, Don't Think/Fuzzy
Truly, Truly/SuperSloMotion/My, My, My

Grant Lee Buffalo (sans Paul Kimble) autographed Mighty Joe Moon CD insert 

Grant Lee Buffalo (sans Paul Kimble) autographed CD Mighty Joe Moon

Photo courtesy Bamm

This show was recorded for HBO's Reverb program. This is the first time I heard the Jubilee material and was floored how good 'Testimony' was.

My first GLB show:

Grant Lee Buffalo supporting The Smashing Pumpkins Friday September 6, 1996 Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA

Grant Lee Buffalo

The Shining Hour/Drag/Lone Star Song/Mockingbirds/Bethlehem Steel/Two And Two

The Smashing Pumpkins
Where Boys Fear To Tread/Zero/Cherub Rock/To Forgive/Tonight, Tonight/
Today/Thru The Eyes Of Ruby/Disarm/Bullet With Butterfly Wings/
Fuck You (An Ode To No One)/Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans/Muzzle/Siva/

Grant Lee Phillips autographed Fuzzy CD cover and Lone Star Song CD-single cover

This show was rescheduled from Tuesday July 17 because of the death of a Pumpkins roadie and subsequent firing of their junkie drummer. Not that that's cool but Garbage was the opening act till they rescheduled. Bonus for me! My buddy and I got in free because my uncle worked the ticket stall. We got there and found a seat among the empty arena and waited for the band. Since they were the opener not too many of the "kids" on the floor gave a shit about them and while they were on I was dancing and whoopin' and hollerin'. Paul Kimble noticed me and gave us a "heads up" acknowledgement. The Pumpkin freaks were getting impatient and someone threw something at Grant Lee, which he responded by saying that if you are familiar with Highlights magazine there a two characters called Goofus and Gallant. In one story Goofus ends up in a dentist's office with broken teeth. He warned the next idiot who throws something onstage will end up like Goofus and end up in a dentist's office. They proceeded to rip into the most scathing version of 'Two And Two' I could have imagined. With that they were gone and so were we. I can't stand when audiences are rude to the opener. Like this time.


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