Photo courtesy Debra A. Zeller

Grandaddy supporting Saves The Day Tuesday March 30, 2004 Club Laga Pittsburgh, PA

w/ The Fire Theft, Hey Mercedes

Instrumental/El Caminos In The West/The Crystal Lake/I'm On Standby/Yeah Is What We Had/
Levitz/The Go In The Go For It/Our Dying Brains/What Can't Be Erased/
Now It's On/Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake/Lost On Yer Merry Way 

Tim Dryden and Jim Fairchild autographed Sumday CD insert

Billed as co-headliners, Grandaddy was relegated to openers for "emo" gods Saves The Day by the time the tour hit Pittsburgh. The band was none too happy to perform in front of a bunch of inconsiderate, young, talking, STD fans. They were amazing and I would have liked a longer set, but whatcha gonna do? Tim and especially Jim were very cool to the few people who gathered by the group's tourbus to thank the band. I asked frontman Jason Lytle Jason Lytle to sign my stuff and he looked at me like I asked for his grandmother's phone number, he hurriedly got on the bus. Tim took the shirt on the bus for Jason, Kevin Garcia, and Aaron Burtch to sign .

Below is a preview article from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Eccentric Grandaddy performing at Laga

Friday, March 26, 2004
By Ed Masley, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In the battle of classic American robot albums of the new millennium, you'd think it might be hard to topple Flaming Lips' eccentric masterpiece, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots -- unless, of course, you were privy to Grandaddy's own eccentric masterpiece, The Sophtware Slump, a few years earlier.

It even kind of sounds the same -- a melancholy, retro-futuristic, art-rock-leaning mini-opera as delivered by a guy who sings like Neil Young on a helium bender (in a good way).

And while last year's Sumday clearly could've used a robot song or two, it only helped solidify Grandaddy's standing as one more consistent American groups in recent memory (Wilco, OutKast, Flaming Lips, The White Stripes and, if you're talking consistently bad, there's always Creed).

So go to Tuesday's Saves the Day show at Club Laga, if only to take in the opening set by Jason Lytle and the boys. You won't be sorry. Their cinematic set in support of The Sophtware Slump in 2001 was stunning, hailed for being "as majestic as it was emotionally draining" in these very pages (or this very Web site). The show begins at 7 with The Fire Theft and Hey Mercedes. Tickets are $22 in advance; $24 at the door (412-323-1919).

I actually ran into Ed Masley at the show and begged him to review Grandaddy's set in the next day's paper. Whether it was the lackluster response from the audience or that they were openers he did not oblige. 

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