Hallelujah The Hills Saturday June 30, 2007 Bloomfield Bridge Tavern Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Nelson W. Pyles, Gramsci Melodic, The Getaway

To All My Scientist Colleagues I Bid You Farewell/Sleeper Agent (Just Waking Up)/Hallelujah The Hills/Wave Backwards To Massachusetts/(the crux of the camera man)>Slow Motion Records Broken At Break Neck Speeds/Effie's On The Other Side/Paper Pilots/Allied Lions/Glass Onion/It's All Been Downhill Since The Talkies Started To Sing

My favorite record label Misra signs a new band from Boston, Hallelujah The Hills. I see they are coming to town on their first ever tour. I must check them out. Not only do I LOVE the record, they are even better live. Hands down the discovery of the year for me.

The last time I went to The BBT was probably in the early nineties for an open mic night. The place hasn't changed in 15 years. What I do remember and has stayed the same is that the guy behind the bar is the friendliest mother fucker on the planet.

First up (and closing the show) is local Nelson W. Pyles. He has a blue-collar ethic in his performance and while good, I would love to hear him with a full band. Aw..c'mon Nelson, you can find the time to practice...

Up next was Gramsci Melodic. These guys were super fun. They had a funky feel to them and turns out main man Martin is a schoolteacher just like yours truly. See ya soon buddy.

When I arrived at the BBT I see the guys in HTH there hanging out. I go up to them and ask if they play requests? They tell me they really don't play many covers (besides 'Glass Onion'). I tell them I want to hear one of their tunes, 'To All My Scientist Colleagues...'. They are flabbergasted that I know any of their songs and tell me they will open with it. Excellent! They play a short killer set that has all the songs I wanted to hear. These guys are the real deal. I hope they honor their promise of releasing 33 albums before they break up.

Sorry Elio, none of your pics came out.

The Getaway came out and played a competent set. The lighting set-up in the place had this weird pulsating gizmo that left the stage completely dark and then totally blasted out with light at intermittent times. A bitch to shoot especially when I still don't know the workings of my camera.

Ryan Walsh hand-written setlist

Hallelujah The Hills autographed Collective Psychosis Begone CD cover

The guys told me no one ever asked for their autographs before. There's a first for everything, right?

Hallelujah The Hills autographed print

Hallelujah The Hills, Nelson W. Pyles, Gramsci Melodic, and The Getaway autographed flyer


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