Home Saturday June 10, 2006 31st. Street Pub Pittsburgh, PA

w/ The Working Poor, The Bumps, The Dirty Faces

Summertime/Driving/Raging Angel/Teasing And Pleasing/Slide/Other Times Solar/Extra Ordinary/Cry/Chicago

My girl Susane from Built Like Alaska turned me on to these guys. In reading up on them and actually talking to the fellas, I am stunned at the lengthy history of this group. They have been around for quite a few years and show no signs of letting up. They couldn't have been more personable and...oh yeah, they were fucking great!

They were on a bill with three local groups (who seemed to have all the same members?) and were all good in their own right.

This band was truly fantastic. I was just familiar with the latest release Sexteen ( I got a ton of catching up to do) and was surprised how smoking the live versions were. There were a couple asshole hecklers in the crowd and the band shut them the fuck up by playing their asses off.

Eric Morrison hand-written setlist

Home autographed Sexteen CD Cover

Home autographed Sexteen CD  

Home autographed flyer

Preview blurb from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Thursday June 8, 2006


If you're looking for something to do after Tom Verlaine on Saturday night, kill about an hour, then head to the 31st Street Pub for a raw, unhinged Rickety bill of The Dirty Faces, The Working Poor, The Bumps and Home. The first three offer a mix of punk, jam and alt-country. The latter is a lo-fi rock band from Florida, now based in New York, that just released its 16th record, "Sexteen."

Mike Bonello of The Dirty Faces says, "Kid Millions of Oneida asked that we show [Home] a Rickety good time, so I booked the Dirty Faces and the Bumps, then I found out that Alan [Lewandowski] would be back from his Prague sabbatical, and so I added the Working Poor, too. It'll be kind of like taking a new love interest to a family reunion, on the side of the family where people like to party and get wild." It begins at the usual Pub time of around 10 p.m.

What a killer band!


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