Joe Walsh Thursday September 5, 1985 Syria Mosque Pittsburgh, PA

What a lame looking ticket.

Tomorrow/Indian Summer/Desperado Tease/Dreams/Help Me Thru The Night/The Confessor/In The City/Going Down/Funk 49/Life In The Fast Lane/Rocky Mountain Way/The Bomber/All Night Long

My buddy and were pumped to see Joe Walsh. 'The Confessor' was being played that summer constantly and even though the cassette I bought wasn't very good, I liked that song and many others from him. We were at my house drinking a case of Gennies and came up with the brilliant idea that we should take beer with us to the show, on the bus. We grab a couple backpacks and he takes twelve and I take twelve. Two buses later we are at the Mosque. We certainly won't be able to take the beer in (in fact we were only 19 at the time), and we certainly don't want to waste it. I look at my watch, 7:10 p.m. The show doesn't start for an hour, let's party! I kid you not, we go into some bushes in Oakland and proceed to RIP through this case of beer, all the while checking the time. We are having a blast and we amazingly finish the case with plenty of time to spare. We start stumbling to the venue and the woman ripping our ticket mumbles, "What's the point?" I had no idea what she was talking about, I was psyched to see Joe. Inside he is ripping through 'All Night Long' and I remember how happy I was at that moment. A minute later the song ends, "Goodnight, Pittsburgh." What the hell? This is a joke, right? House lights come on and people start milling out. How can this be? I look at my watch and it's 7:10 p.m.

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