Josh Ritter Tuesday June 7, 2005 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Mark Dingham

Josh Ritter autographed ticket stub

Other Side/Bad Actress/Snow Is Gone (Hello Starling)/Roll On/Rainslicker/Wings/Me &Jiggs/Man Burning/Lillian/You've Got The Moon/Harrisburg/Lonely/Wolves/Country Song/Kathleen

Encore: Come And Find Me

Hughshows would like to make the following Public Service Announcement: I wuv you!

It was a veritable lovefest at Josh's show in Pittsburgh. Waiting in line for doors, people were commenting how happy he is performing and how much that sweetness transcends into the crowd. I wasn't familiar at all with his music and went on word of mouth that he is great live. This was the most well behaved and friendliest audience I have ever been a part of.

Opener Mark Dingham entertained the collective with beautiful, soft ballads that had the everyone enraptured with his Irish flair and witty repartee. He mentioned how his lovely wife is due to give birth to their firstborn soon to the coos and ahh's from the crowd. Warm and fuzzy ain't got nothin' on this group. Did I mention that I love you? No really, I do.

Mr. Ritter and his band came out and played a solid, entertaining set that was received very, very well. This guy has some serious fans. He would start to say something and kinda just stop and start the next song to cheers and applause. I was getting the feeling that if he just stood there and belched for forty minutes he would get a standing "O".

Josh Ritter autographed setlist

Josh Ritter Band and Mark Dingham autographed show flyer (produced by...ahem, me)

In the spirit of love I gave this original color pencil drawing I produced to Josh. It was based on a photo by Caroline Baclig Schmidt. He was totally into it.

He autographed this print from the drawing for me.

Kidding aside. Josh, your show was great man, thanks. Oh, and Josh...I love you.



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