The Last Town Chorus supporting The Weakerthans Saturday October 27, 2007 Mr. Small's Funhouse Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Jim Bryson

The Last Town Chorus: Change Your Mind/Caroline/Understanding/You>Modern Love/Boat/Painless/Load And Clear/It's Not Over

I got free passes to this show for throwing up a few posters around town. My buddy and I were late and missed Jim Bryson's set and by the time TLTC hit the stage, the place was mad crowded...for The Weakerthans? I never even heard of these guys before this year but I guess many other people did.

I like TLTC. I would love to see her in her full-rock band configuration someday. The length of her set was perfect for the duo format. Not too long, not too short, just right Goldilocks.

On a technical note, I took my camera to work the previous day and forgot to change the settings on it, hence my pictures are crapola.

A couple Weakerthans joined her for the last song of her set and further fueled my desire to see her add a few instruments to her band.

The Weakerthans...appropriate name. I thought they were, well...weak. All the songs were bland and indistinguishable from the next to me. We left midway through the set. It's funny because I heard others people opinions from the tour that said the same thing about TLTC. Different strokes I guess.

The Last Town Chorus autographed extremely funky Megan Hickey hand-written setlist

Megan Hickey autographed print

Megan Hickey autographed Wire Waltz CD cover

Photos courtesy WYEP

The Last Town Chorus Saturday May 5, 2007 WYEP-FM Studios Pittsburgh, PA

Interview/You>Modern Love/Interview/It's Not Over

The Last Town Chorus was opening for Michael Penn in town and I wasn't able to make it. I did notice she was doing an in-studio (no audience) at YEP that afternoon and since I had this artwork anyway, I decided to bum rush her going in the building. She was very sweet about it and gave me a shout-out on the air. Thanks Megan!

Who's artwork is at Megan's feet? Why, it's mine dude!


Megan Hickey autographed print


from Megan's road blog:

Midwest then, through Pittsburgh, my erstwhile hometown, for a show with Michael and an in-studio at WYEP, a beloved station I used to be a member of during my college days. On the way into the studios, a guy named Hugh came up and showed me some Warhol-esque artwork he'd done based on electronic manipulation of pen-drawn photos of me (see it in the slide show). Tear-jerkingly sweet. Went to a den of ill-repute that night with an old friend - I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who sips Coca-Cola at a strip joint.

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