Lez Zeppelin autographed poster

Lez Zeppelin Saturday May 6, 2006 Jugheads Pittsburgh, PA

w/ CySTyM

Immigrant Song/Heartbreaker/What Is And What Should Never Be/Dancing Days/Ten Years Gone/Dazed And Confused/Going To California/The Song Remains The Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir/Rock And Roll

On a whim my brother and I went to this show for the fuck of it. Now, at $15 a ticket I wasn't too sure they would be worth the money but I ended up having a fun time regardless. Sure they are a cover band but with the female/lesbian(?) hook, they actually pulled it off. The crowd was into it and it's nice to just go to a show for the fun of it. I didn't bother taking a camera, which surprisingly I am regretting due to the fact that Jugheads had some killer stage lighting. Go figure.

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