Local Honey Sunday February 4, 2007 WYEP Alternative Souper Bowl Border's Books Pittsburgh, PA

w/ The Mavens, Chad Sipes Stereo

Glore/Run/65/My New Friends*/Transcontinental*/Ghost*/Number One*

*-broadcast live

The best band in Pittsburgh gets some love from WYEP playing their annual benefit show for a good cause (HEARTH). The crowd seemed to dig the band. I highly doubt that the majority of the people there have ever seen the band play. They didn't seem like the Gooskis crowd to me. Becky ditched the acoustic for the set and this was the first time I heard them play with pedal steel maestro Pete Freeman. DAMN, did they sound great!  

Becky Corrigan hand-written setlist

Local Honey Friday November 10, 2006 Gooskis Pittsburgh, PA

w/ The Izzys

Set 1: Before You See The Light/Execution Pond/Sweet And Stiff/Haunted Eyes/Old Ways/Trevor Perkins/Glore/Ghost/Under My Spell

Set 2: My New Friends/65/Transcontinental/Look At The Flames/Mean Joe Green/Curse/Anvil

This was the first in a run of fall shows I was catching over the next week before hibernation set in and I would be chillaxin' until the new year. With recent big item purchases, I told the old lady I would take a show break for December ( and since there ain't shit happenin' in town anyway, it works out beautifully!)

Two of my favorite new band discoveries of the year together at Gooski? Fuckin' A! My man, St. Pete Rob was on a two week vacation stuffing as many shows and cities into his schedule as humanly possible. Seriously, he was a madman on this trip. He was actually considering flying to Brooklyn to catch a four song set from The Mendoza Line the following day but priceline was being a bitch, so he had to settle for Deadstring Brothers/Shooter Jennings instead. With Bensreviews and his hip Wifey there, the night was a blast. I ended up videotaping the entire night and I will eventually lob it up on YouTube.

The Izzys came in from NYC and as with many bands sharing the bill with locals, the crowd has a tendency to clear out after the local opener to hit the bar scene. The problem was resolved when they decided to play two alternating sets each. Very cool move. Broke up the night perfectly.

Of course, The Izzys rocked out. Setlist you ask? They didn't write one down and I was just digging the vibe. Sometimes hughshows seems like a job, not tonight.

As Rob and I walk in, Becky is hanging out preparing her setlist. Cool, we can practically hear whatever we want. I stick with the 'Mean Joe Green' request I e-mailed a few days before (they practiced it for me...aww, shucks) and Rob pulls out a 'Haunted Eyes'. She is a little hesitant but changes her mind once Rob states he drove from Florida to see tonight's show (which is technically true).

The band is fresh off their inaugural national tour and is smoking tight. They are really solid. What a band.

Becky Corrigan autographed Six By Six CD insert

Becky Corrigan hand-written setlist

Local Honey and The Izzys autographed show flyer

Such a fun night.

Local Honey Friday August 11, 2006 Belvedere's Pittsburgh, PA

w/ The Beagle Brothers, Polka Madre Y La Comezon, DJ Dusty

Sick Of Trying/Look At The Flames/Anvil/Run/Sweet And Stiff/Glore/65/My New Friends/Execution Pond/Trevor Perkins/Transcontinental/Ghost/Curse

I scrambled from Tift Merritt's performance all the way across town to hit this show. As I walked in, The Beagle Brothers were on their last tune. Damn, the ten seconds of them I heard I dug. Turns out Belevederes is a bar with a spacious room in the back, kinda like an Elks club (or roller rink as someone pointed out). There wasn't a cover for the night and beers were rather cheap (especially having them handed to me left and right by my boy Benny-I owe ya bro,!)

I was lucky to get this shot off. I'll see them soon enough.

I think I failed to mention that there was ZERO light in the place. Stu finagled the DJ's light for some illumination for my pics but my camera sucks and the shots I got were unfortunately abysmal. Thanks for the effort bro.

The band sounded great though and with some new songs played, they are getting tighter and more confident each time I see them.

Polka Madre Y La Comezon came out and blasted through a unique set of "experimental Mexican polka" that was fun to see. Musicians wearing masks during a show tends to give me the creeps. Fit their vibe though. I guess this band is from Mexico and were roughing it playing dumpy bars and shit on the tour. Gotta give people credit for touring man. The crowd seemed to be eating it up which was cool.

Becky Corrigan hand-written Local Honey setlist

Local Honey, The Beagle Brothers, Polka Madre Y La Comezon, and DJ Dusty autographed flyer

Local Honey Friday May 26, 2006 Thunderbird Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

w/ The Cuff

Before You See The Light/Trevor Perkins/Glore/Selfish And Weak/Transcontinental/Execution Pond/My New Friends/Ghost/Curse/Mean Joe Green/It Wasn't God Who Made Honky-Tonk Angels/Old Ways/65/Anvil/Codine/Run/Look At The Flames

The following is a public service announcement to hughshows readers: LOCAL HONEY IS MY NEW FAVORITE PITTSBURGH BAND!

My first time at the Thunderbird. Cozy joint in Lawrenceville that is a perfect place to see a band (if it's not too crowded, then itsabitch!).

I never heard of openers The Cuff. They were decent but try to find ANYTHING on the web about them, I dare ya.

I have wanted to catch Local Honey for awhile now and I cannot believe I waited this long to see them. The original songs were the perfect blend of country, honky-tonk, blues and rock. Seriously, I am ga-ga over this group and hope to see them play as much as possible.

Lead songwriter/vocalist Rebecca Corrigan has a cool whiskey-drenched swagger onstage that is extremely enticing. The fact that her tunes kick ass is the closer on the deal.

According to some band members they all have day jobs and don't have as much time to devote to the band. That sucks. I think they are great and could be unbelievable with a little bit more effort.

Local Honey (sans Sam Pace) autographed eponymous CD cover


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