Matt Mays & El Torpedo Friday May 4, 2007 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Deadstring Brothers

Matt Mays autographed ticket stub

Matt Mays & El Torpedo: Building A Boat/Travellin'/What Are We Gonna Do Come The Month Of September?/Move You Mind/Tall Trees/City Of Lakes/Silver Bullet/Cocaine Cowboy

Deadstring Brothers: Toe The Line/Get Up Jake/For A Time/I'm Not A Stealer/Heavy Load/From A Buick 6/Blind Folded/Queen Of The DRB/Sacred Heart

Encore: You Look Like The Devil

I had just seen both of these bands in Pittsburgh for the first time within the last few months as openers on separate occasions for bands I could give a shit about (Will Hoge/Shooter Jennings). Having them come together as co-headliners was somewhat of a mini-dream bill for me. I was STOKED, baby!

MM&ET opened the night and did not disappoint. They are soooo good at playing that rock. Some have criticized the band for being a tad jammy in places but I didn't notice. Hell, I practically grew up on the Dead, so I guess these ears are somewhat used to the jammity-jam-jams.

With the departure of long-time guitarist Jarrett Murphy (I saw his last-ever show with the group), the band couldn't oblige my request for 'Stand Down At Sundown'-sniff. They were able to honor my pleas for 'City of Lakes' though-saweet!

Matt & Co. are extremely nice and humble guys. Talking to their tour manager, it's boggling to know that in their native Canada eh, they can easily fill a 1000+ room and here they play to 30 people. I hope they make a concerted drive to break in the states. They definitely deserve it.


Matt Mays autographed print (Matt LOVED the art)

I am in love with the Deadstring Brothers. Their two discs are in heavy rotation in my house and I think they put on a hell of a show. I was totally plastered during their opening slot for Shooter and tonight I was a designated driver so they were really sounding good to me. They also had a band re-configuration with the departure of Ross Westerbur and Philip Skarich, so again my request for 'Where Are All My Friends?' go unanswered. Kurt promises me next time he'll play the fucking thing solo.

This is one fun-time party band. My brother wasn't the designated driver and he was getting nice and buzzed. After 'Blindfolded' he blathered out to the band, "Hey, you guys sound just like 'Sticky Fingers-era Stones'!" Coming from him that's an extreme compliment, and he truly meant it that way. The band, who probably are kinda tired of the comparison, didn't seem thankful. In fact Masha gave him a look like she wanted to cut off his nads and shove them down his throat. Funny stuff.

A band could be playing Tunisian children's lullabies with a pedal steel in the mix and they would still sound good. Spencer rocks on the thing.



Kurt Marschke hand-written Deadstring Brothers setlist

Deadstring Brothers and Matt Mays & El Torpedo autographed flyer

Killer night. My camera and I are still in the getting to know each other phase and it will be awhile till I get to second base but the pics are still a little better than before.

Matt Mays & El Torpedo supporting Will Hoge Saturday February 25, 2007 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

Matt Mays and Will Hoge autographed ticket stub

Ain't So Heavy/It Don't Matter/Lost Souls/Building A Boat/City Of Lakes*

 *-requested by me

I've only heard a few tracks from Matt Mays & El Torpedo over the last year or so and what I heard was really killer stuff. Hailing from Nova Scotia, I don't think they ever played Pittsburgh and actually very few and far between in these United States proper, eh. I knew Will Hoge was coming and wasn't planning on going. When they announced MM&ET as support, I immediately grabbed a ticket.

Knowing Hoge-heads will fill up such an intimate venue, I get to the club early to stand in line for a photo-friendly front seat. As others gather in the cold, we quickly realize the 9 p.m. door-time is going to be pushed back. It's 9:10 before Will and his crew start their load-in. By 9:35 Matt and the boys commence hauling their gear in the club. Did I mention it's FUCKING COLD, eh! Still, I am glad I arrived early as there is a line wrapped around the block. Shooting the shit with Karen and Justin made the wait bearable.

Quickly after we enter the club I notice Andy at the merch table and introduce myself and tell him how excited I am finally see them play. He informs me that there are only four CD's left and I quickly snatch one and ask him to play 'City Of Lakes'. Matt and the band soon take the stage and BLISTER through a short half-hour set. Man, were they fucking good. My pics turned out like shit as they didn't get the proper lighting (and as per usual at CC, the right sound-mix) as they were 'the opening band'. I was kinda bummed in that a few shows before, Matt played an acoustic 40-minute set and the band followed with a generous 75 minute set before Hoge even came on. Ah well, what little I saw was hopefully a tease for a headlining set later this year as the band makes a push in the USA market (concentrating on the East Coast!) when the new album is released.

The guys were very nice (and obviously itching to get home) considering they had a 24 hour van ride home. Definitely check these guys out.


Matt Mays hand-written setlist

Matt Mays & El Torpedo autographed print

Matt Mays & El Torpedo autographed eponymous CD cover

As for Will Hoge? He was aiight. He didn't blow me away as I was hoping. What is always neat to see is the way a performer's fans dig him. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't horrible, he was just...meh. Think The Black Crowes lite.

Will Hoge Band autographed hand-written setlist

Will Hoge autographed print

Will Hoge Band autographed Again Somewhere Tomorrow CD cover

Matt Mays & El Torpedo and Will Hoge Band autographed flyer



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