Norfolk & Western Thursday November 16, 2006 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Corrina Repp

Adam Selzer and Rachel Blumberg autographed ticket stub

Drifter/The Tired Words/How To Reel In/The Longest Stare/Porch Destruction/The Shortest Stare/Barrels On Fire/Impossible/Borderline/From The Interests Of Few/The Gilded Age

Third in a string of shows within a week and I was obviously looking forward to this one since Norfolk & Western have quickly become one of my fav bands ever. Playing a slew of new songs and a Camper Van Beethoven cover...schaweet!

Corrina Repp opened with Joe Haege helping out on a sparse, intimate set. Her songs were good but the attentive, deathly silent crowd kinda threw her off a bit. She was super cool.

Norfolk & Western put on a killer set that was absolutely flawless. These people are musicians, man. They released two of the best discs of the year.

Here's some YouTubeilicioussness:

Corrinna Repp

The Shortest Stare

'From The Interests Of  Few'

Adam Rips!


Corrina Repp autographed hand-written setlist

Norfolk & Western autographed A Gilded Age EP cover and The Unsung Colony CD cover

Adam Selzer handwritten Norfolk & Western setlist

Norfolk & Western and Corrina Repp (w/ Joe Haege) autographed show flyer

So the bands had a day off and I was trying to convince them to hang in the 'burgh and catch sometimes tour mate Portastatic the next night at the groovalicious Warhol Museum. Hmm, would they shine...?

from Dave's blog:

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: Pittsburgh is the best-kept secret in the United States. An incredibly unique and beautiful city, I have never experienced a greater disconnect between my expectations of a town and what I ended up finding there as I have in the Iron City. We all learned this together when we played there in June, and this time completely reinforced that idea. The show itself wasn’t highly attended, but I hit it off with the lovely waitstaff at the Club Cafe, and they took it upon themselves to give me a true local Pittsburgher’s tour of the city. Describing all that I did in the next two days would require a journal entry unto itself, but a short list would need to include watching fireworks on the river, visiting Santa in a giant, painted glass building, eating a hoagie with built-in fries and coleslaw (a Pittsburgh tradition), drinking at an enormous German beer hall, looking down upon the city from a mountaintop with beer in hand, and watching four episodes of Lost in a row at six in the morning.

I really, really, really love Pittsburgh.



From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fans of Luna, Sufjan Stevens and Iron & Wine and other lo-fi gems might want to check out Norfolk & Western, a group from Portland, Ore., that features members of M. Ward's band. The debut album is "The Unsung Colony," a set of understated, atmospheric pop with lots of space for the gentle vocals of Adam Selzer. They play Club Cafe at 7 p.m.

Norfolk & Western supporting Devotchka Wednesday June 28, 2006 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

Norfolk & Western autographed ticket stub

The Shortest Stare/A Marriage Proposal/A Gilded Age/Impossible/Porch Destruction/Tina/Minor Daughter*/The Longest Stare

*-first time played

Ever since I saw N&W open for and back M. Ward last year, I have been cuckoo about them. I eventually got all their releases and was thrilled that they announced a Pittsburgh date. They were only allotted thirty minutes but man, did they impress me. They touched on several of their albums in the short set and even threw in a Camper Van Beethoven cover and a new tune from their as-of-yet untitled fall release (Staring Towards The Bueller?...anyone?).

Multi-instrumentalist whiz kid Peter Broderick and Dave Depper are totally kick-ass musicians.


Oh yeah, Devotchka played too. They were good as well, but during most of their set I was hanging with Rachel talking about everything from The Decemberists and the state of music today, to teaching and art. She was really sweet and has become THE nicest musician I have ever met (sorry Johnny Hickman).

People were LOVING Devotchka. Many attendees said they were here because the band impressed them so much when they opened for The Dresden Dolls in October. That's exactly why I was here for N&W. I never miss an opener nowadays.


Adam Selzer handwritten Norfolk & Western setlist

Norfolk & Western autographed Centralia and Winter Farewell CD covers

Norfolk & Western autographed tour poster (designed by Ms. Blumberg)

Norfolk & Western autographed print

Norfolk & Western and Devotchka autographed flyer

M. Ward Friday April 8, 2005 Highlander Cafe Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Norfolk & Western, Devotchka (Duo)

Bean Vine Blues #2/I'll Be Yer Bird/Fuel For Fire/Undertaker/Radio Campaign/Helicopter/Green River/Regeneration #1/Poor Boy-Minor Key/Big Boat/One Life Away/Four Hours In Washington

Encore: When You Wish Upon A Star>Fast Rag>You Still Believe In Me/Outta My Head

This superb show was held in a little round room on the campus of CMU. Tickets were $5, but since the wife and I look like students (um, yeah?) we got in for $2. Things weren't looking good when the start time was pushed back an hour and before the doors were to open, the fire alarm went off, twice. Nothing like waiting for the fire department with a giggly bunch of college stoners running the event. 

After a short delay the kids let us in. Nick Urata and Tom Hagerman of Devotchka took the stage and played a quick, surreal set incorporating eastern, flamenco, klezmer, and all around weirdness into a beautiful sound that was highly enjoyable.

I can die happy after finally seeing a theremin solo.

Next up was Norfolk & Western. While not as "strange" as Devotchka, the music was as original and surprisingly good. I bought the new CD and it is very "lo-fi". Live they were much more rocking, not Steve Vai rocking, but more so than represented on the disc.

Adam Selzer handwritten Norfolk & Western setlist

Norfolk & Western autographed If You Were Born Overseas CD cover

M. Ward hit the stage and played a brilliant set. Not that I was too familiar with his stuff (I just have Transistor Radio), but him and the band were extremely impressive in their musicianship. The audience was VERY quiet and respectful all night, and the acoustics were perfect.

For the encore, Matt came out and played a couple solo tunes. At one point he moved the mic away because everyone was abnormally quiet. Superb stuff.

M. Ward autographed Transistor Radio CD cover

M. Ward (upside down), Norfolk & Western, and Devotchka autographed flyer 

After the show, everyone was very nice, especially Rachel and Nic.



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