Oakley Hall Wednesday September 6, 2006 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

w/ The Skinks

Oakley Hall autographed ticket stub

Confidence Man/Untitled/All The Way Down/Lazy Susan/Light Of My Love/Old And Gone/If I Was In El Dorado/Nite Lights, Dark Days/Volume Rambler

Encore: Landlord

This band was getting some bloggin' love, so I felt like checking them out since they announced a Pittsburgh date. I picked up Gypsum Strings (one of TWO solid releases from the band this year, the other being Second Guessing) and was really enjoying it. I hear a big Unhalfbricking-era Fairport Convention influence in their sound. They have a sinewy, folksy, vibe that have them compared to The Band and Fleetwood Mac. In other words, good shit.

Locals The Skinks opened up and I was glad they did. I always like seeing local bands. They performed a solid set of original tunes. There were many members of various Pittsburgh bands in the small crowd tonight. Local Honey, The Dirty Faces, and Centipede E'est were all representin' and it was encouraging to see such support within the seemingly tight-knit community. 

Oakley Hall took the stage, set-up and immediately launched into a concise tight set. Their music translates incredibly well in a live setting and the musicianship is obvious among the band.

As I stated before they put out two albums this year and amazingly still played three new songs in the short set. Talk about prolific. And not Ryan Adams prolific, where half the stuff sucks. I am really starting to like this band. What a fun night.

YouTube Sweetness:

Confidence Man

If I Was In El Dorado Outro


MySpace Em'


Oakley Hall autographed Pat Sullivan hand-written setlist

Oakley Hall autographed Gypsum Strings CD cover

Oakley Hall autographed Second Guessing CD cover

Oakley Hall autographed print

Oakley Hall and Skinks autographed flyer

The band were really nice. Nice enough to put my art on the front page of their website! YAH, BOYEEEEE!


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