One Star Hotel Friday December 10, 2004 The Quiet Storm Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Between The Waters, The New Fiction

Starlight/Can't Be Trusted/Downtown/Superheated Coils/Record For My Girl/Two And Four/Frustrated And Free/Sunburn/Sun Through The Trees*/What Goes On?

*-requested by and played for! Yeah, boyeeee!

Not a bad place to see a band. $5 cover with a $2 BYOB fee. (photo courtesy

Steve Yutzy-Burkey autographed hand-written setlist

I was anticipating this show for a couple of reasons. First, this was probably going to be my last show of the year and for a couple of months into the new one. Second, since I discovered this band four months ago, I have been relentlessly listening to their two discs. These guys were on a triple bill with a couple of local bands and the short set they delivered was great. I am kind of glad they are from Philly because the two or three times a year they swing through Pittsburgh is just perfect. If I lived in Philly, I would be seeing them every time they played and probably end up in divorce court. The guys in the band couldn't be a cooler bunch of dudes.

Me with Ben from

One Star Hotel (w/ producer Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner) autographed eponymous debut CD cover

One Star Hotel autographed eponymous debut CD

One Star Hotel autographed gig handbill (produced by me)

Block print designed and produced by bassist Rick Sieber

Preview blurb from The Pittsburgh Post Gazette:


One Star Hotel pulls into the Quiet Storm in Friendship tonight, having just released Good Morning, West Gordon, an excellent second record that finds the Philly band sounding remarkably like latter-day Wilco. The gig here comes after a rather rough patch for One Star Hotel. In late November, someone broke into the band's rehearsal space and made off with thousands of dollars' worth of equipment. Since then, they've been using borrowed instruments. A fund raiser is being held for the band in Philly the night after the Pittsburgh show. At the Quiet Storm, One Star Hotel is joined by Between the Waters and The New Fiction at 9 p.m. It's $5. All ages.

One Star Hotel Sunday September 5, 2004 The Quiet Storm Friendship, PA

w/ Vale And Year

Starlight/Can't Be Trusted/Downtown/Superheated Coils/Two And Four/Gravity Can't Explain/Frustrated And Free/Sunburn/Twenty Two

Encore: Record For My Girl

Steve Yutzy-Burkey handwritten setlist

I hang on an "alt-country" e-mail group and get turned on constantly to new music and bands. A couple days ago someone who knows his shit mentioned this band. Upon a little investigation I discover that they are coming to town in a few days. I call the venue, the girl says she doesn't know anything about the band playing. I e-mail the manager of the club. Friday he e-mails me back, They're playing! My wife and I get to The Quiet Storm with a six pack of beers as the band is setting up. The drummer for Vale And Year comes around to the few of us there and asks for a $5 cover. There are maybe 15 people in this "coffee" shop and seven are paying attention to the band. They start at 8:40 and play till 9:15. Straight ahead, good, solid, original music. It was great! I go to buy a CD (no shirts, c'mon guys!) and the lead singer asks me if I am Hugh. Damn right man! Turns out the guy who turned me on to them said lookout for Hugh in Pittsburgh. He gives me their first CD for free! These guys were on a tour that had their bus window broken, with Pittsburgh as the last stop, and a dozen people show up. Rock And Roll!

One Star Hotel autographed Good Morning, West Gordon CD and booklet

I thought this was the suitcase in Pulp Fiction. "Oh, we happy!"

It was the second performance of Vale And Year's bassist with the band.

Preview blurb in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Friday September 3, 2004


Generally, you want to avoid One Star Hotels, but this band out of Philadelphia sounds like the exception. One Star Hotel, just about to release its second album, is an indie-pop/alt-country band that brings to mind early Wilco and late Eels. You can catch the band on the way up at the Quiet Storm at 8 p.m. Sunday with Double Barrel Darrel.


The tour diary entry below is from the band's website

{9.05.05: Day 11 – Goshen, IN to Pittsburgh, PA}

9am--My friends, duct tape has never been so liberally applied as what was applied to the back of that van that morning. We are smack in the middle of Labor Day weekend and no shop in the area is open, so we decided to try our luck with getting the packhorse home [by way of our last show, of course]. We all cross our fingers and hold our breaths at each bump, but somehow we make it to Pittsburgh.

7pm--We arrive at the Quiet Storm, and it is quiet. Apparently, the word that there was a show tonight never really got out due to some miscommunications. We sit down to discuss whether or not it would be best just to skip the show and hit the road for Philly, but suddenly someone approaches and asks if we have Cds for sale. We aren’t sure if he really knew who we were or not, but eventually we realize he knew about the show and came out to see us. This is all the motivation we need to grab our gear out of the van and play. Vale And Year show up, and more people begin trickling in, so we set up and play an upbeat acoustic set and have a surprisingly good time. Everyone was very nice and we ended up having one of the most pleasantly surprising nights of the tour. Vale And Year was also really good. We decide to hit the turnpike back to Philly tonight in hopes of sleeping in our own beds.

5am--We arrive in Philly and fall soundly into our beds. The tour is complete.

UPDATE: Over the last few days I have been listening constantly to the band's two discs. These CD's are fucking awesome!



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