Richard Buckner Wednesday July 13, 2005 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Anders Parker

Richard Buckner and Anders Parker autographed ticket stub

Intro/Spell/Rafters/Hand @ The Hem/Kingdom/Canyon/...And The Clouds've Lied/A Chance Counsel/Lucky/Town/(Loaded @ The Wrong Door/Count Me In On This One!/13 Firsts/Ed's Song/Straight/Born Into Giving It Up/Coming Up The Stairs/Put On What You Wanna/Believer/Fater

This show was scheduled to begin at 10:30 p.m. Of course as with every late show at Club Cafe, opener Anders Parker didn't take the stage till 11-something.

Anders came out and played a mellow acoustic set that was O.K. He played a few bum chords here and there which I thought was kinda amateurish. At one point he broke a string and just stopped playing, only to pick up the song a few seconds later. What is this, open mic night? He played till about midnight.

Anders Parker autographed The Wounded Astronaut EP cover

Now, Richard Buckner took the stage and began strumming a 'drone' sound from his guitar and made a loop of it, which went on continuously. He then picked up another guitar and played a chord progression and looped that as well. He finally picked up a third guitar and started the song proper playing over the previous loops. He did this with every song and his whole set was virtually one long song. They would just run into each other without any break or variation. After awhile being one o'clock in the morning and a weeknight, it got a tad tedious. I just got bored. I am not taking anything away from the guy as a musician or songwriter (I believe he's brilliant), but this particular format wasn't working for me. Plus, he was playing new songs and reading from a music stand which added to the scattershot ambience of the night. People where actually sleeping.

Richard Buckner autographed Devotion + Doubt CD cover

He was a very, very nice guy and I will definitely see him again. 


Preview blurb from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Tuesday July 12, 2005

Richard Buckner

Richard Buckner hits the stage at Club Cafe tomorrow night in support of last year's "Dents and Shells." A strikingly somber collection, it scored an 8.0 out of 10 at Pitchfork, where the writer spoke of "Buckner's shadowy continent of song" and praised what he saw as "a Symbolist mirror-world where bright glints of detail fleetingly flash, then submerge, cloaked in shifting fogs."

Here at the Post-Gazette, we said the album "finds him playing to the strengths that have made him a star among the 'Quiet Is the New Loud' segment of the indie ranks, pensively moaning his way through a typically solid assortment of mesmerizing indie ballads like a guy who wouldn't know a ray of sunshine if it burned his skin. ... Even when he's almost rocking out -- on 'Her,' for instance -- 'Dents and Shells' is an intimate, heartfelt record, with the vocals mixed just high enough to make it feel like Buckner's right there with you making sure you don't open the curtain and spoil the mood."

The show begins at 10 with an opening set by Anders Parker of Varnaline, whose new EP, "The Wounded Astronaut," is a shockingly solid collection of outtakes from his latest full-length, "Tell it to the Dust." Tickets are $10 in advance; $12 at the door. Call 412-323-1919.

(Ed Masley)


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