Shawn Mullins Friday July 23, 2004 South Park Ampitheater Pittsburgh, PA

Where's Johnny?/Candyland/Shimmer/The Gulf Of Mexico/Level Land/Dragonfly/Copperhead Road/Alaska*/Twin Rocks, Oregon*/Somethin' To Believe In*/Run To You**/Kelly*/We Could Go*/Loose Change*/Anchored In You/Leavin' Your Troubles Behind/Beautiful Wreck/Summertime/Lullaby

*-solo acoustic, **-Clay Cook

Shawn Mullins autographed 'Lullaby' CD single

In 1998 my wife and I were on my honeymoon in California. We must have heard Shawn Mullins' song 'Lullaby' a gazillion times on the radio during that trip. My wife wanted to see him perform, if for nothing else, sentimental reasons. He turned out to be a pretty good time. The night was perfect weather-wise, and you can't beat hanging in a park drinking beers listening to free live music.

His bass player, Clay Cook is a singer/songwriter who writes for John Mayer, among others.

Mike Z., Shawn Mullins, and Me. (My camera totally shit the bed.)

If you ever see the term "my buddy" throughout the site, nine times out of ten I'm referring to Mike Z.

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