Shivaree Thursday February 24, 2005 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Dawn Kinnard

Little Black Mess/Bossa Nova/New Casablanca/I Close My Eyes/Mexican Boyfriend/I Don't Care/Gone Too Far/Oh No/Goodnight Moon/Flycatcher/Lost In A Dream

Encore: Taking A Stroll/The Fat Lady Of Limbourg

Duke McVinnie handwritten setlist

Braving a wicked snow storm, my buddy Mike Z. and I caught the reclusive band Shivaree. The first thing, hell the only thing, I noticed was how hot frontwoman Ambrosia Parsley is. I mean she is sa-sa-smokin' hot!! Think Rene Russo but less masculine. Granted I was a little buzzed, but I swear I was acting like Roger Rabbit oogleing Jessica with a stupid shit-eatin' grin on my face the whole night. 

I shit you not, this was me all night.

Can you blame me?

Shivaree autographed show flyer (produced by me)

Ambrosia Parsley autographed Who's Got Trouble? CD cover

Shivaree autographed Who's Got Trouble? CD

Shivaree autographed I Outta Give You A Shot In The Head For Making Me Live In This Dump CD cover

Anyhow, the band were very good in a laid back jazzy kind of way. As good looking as Ambrosia is, she sure can sing.

Wedding ring? That's not a wedding ring, baby.

This show was taped for the Club Cafe show on Pittsburgh cable television.



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