Son Volt Thursday April 19, 2007 Mr. Small's Funhouse Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell autographed ticket stub

Automatic Society/Satellite/The Search/The Picture/Underground Dream/Beacon Soul/Highways And Cigarettes/Jet Pilot/Who/Exurbia/Damn Shame/Voodoo Candle/Medicine Hat/Tear Stained Eye/Gramophone/Action/Bandages And Scars/Drown/Afterglow 61

Encore: Windfall/Life Worth Livin'/Chickamauga

note to hughshows readers:

This was to be my first concert with my kick-ass new camera. I guess it was too kick-ass...the fuckers at Small's took it before I got in.

I want to give a shout-out to my man Kevin for the use of his pics and the Son Volt setlist. Thanks, buddy.

I have been a long-time Son Volt fan. I went to see them on the Trace tour in the winter of 1995 but little did my friends and I know that they would sell out. We tried to tough it out and listen through the huge glass windows of the club but we lasted 30 seconds in the freezing temps and bagged it. I eventually saw the original line-up three times before they busted up in 1999. I kinda fell out of favor with Farrar and when he was reforming the band sans the Boquist brothers and Mike Heidorn, I really wasn't interested. Flash forward to 2007 and The Search is released. Man, I dig this record. I subsequently picked up some stuff Farrar made in the 'lost' years (Sebastopol, Okemah) and damn if that shit ain't great too. Yeah, I 'm definitely gonna have to see them. 

Former Drive-By Trucker Jason Isbell opened with solid rock set. His band played my all time favorite Clapton cover 'Please Be With Me'. I am very excited to hear his new one dropping this summer. Really nice guy to boot.

Jason Isbell autographed hand-written setlist

Son Volt came out and as usual played a kick-ass show. I was hanging near the bar the majority of the night and drank waaaaaay too much. So much so that I quickly bailed after the show to get home and failed to get any siggy's from the band. Next time.

Son Volt autographed Jay Farrar hand-written setlist

Jason Isbell autographed flyer


Son Volt autographed ticket stub

Son Volt Thursday September 16, 1999 Metropol Pittsburgh, PA

Flow/Caryatid Easy/Picking Up The Signal/Right On Through/Tear-Stained Eye/Medicine Hat/Blind Hope/Hanging Blue Side/Back Into Your World/Ten Second News/Driving The View/Questions/Drown/Route/Straightface/Dead Man's Clothes/Windfall/Strands/Making Time/Last Time Around

This was my third and (obviously) final Son Volt show. Even though "Metrosucks" was a horrible venue, I went there for some not miss shows and this was one of them. They never failed to put on a great show. There were some weird rumors going on about the band's gear being stolen a few days earlier and the vibe of the group being so that they were splitting up. Mike Heidorn was packing up his gear and my buddy and I were asking him about the band breaking up. He called it a hiatus. That was five years ago. He was a very nice guy, real down to earth and approachable.




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