Southeast Engine Saturday August 11, 2007 Brillobox Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Lohio, Race The Ghost

Let Me Down/Ostrich/Quit While You're Ahead/We Have You Surrounded/Ezekiel Saw The Wheel/Taking The Fall/Psychoanalysis
Day By Day/Undergrad/Famous Filmmaker/State Of Oblivion/Fortune Teller/Holy Ghost/Where Are You Now?

Not much to say here. I discovered this Ohio band through their signing to Misra Records. I heard a few songs and dug them so I checked them out when they came through on tour. The Brillobox is the hardest room in the city to photograph a band due to the fact that the brightest light source is a mirrorball. With three bands on the bill that don't start till 11:00 p.m. I am sure glad they went on first. I ordered two more of their discs and will be much more familiar with them when they stop again in December. 

I was really looking forward to seeing Lohio as well but damn I'm getting to be an old fart. I bailed after a few songs, it was 12:30 for Chrissakes!. The indie-hipster crowd was filling up the place and I kinda' felt like everybody's grandad anyway. They're local so I will have plenty of chances of catching them.

Adam Remnant hand-written setlist

Adam Remnant autographed Love Is A Murder, A Mystery Of Sorts CD cover


Southeast Engine(sans Josh Antonuccio) autographed print

Southeast Engine autographed flyer


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